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  1. Just wanted to post an update. I am satisfied with my resolution with PRICELINE. After the third call to them, I received an email saying they would review my case and get back to me within 5-7 days. Today I received an email saying they were crediting my account for the 1st night plus taxes and fees. It hasn't been posted yet but I'm glad to have it resolved without spending too much more time disputing with cc.
  2. Used $3.00 bonus money and Betterbidding Link. Started yesterday with $10+$3.00 = 13.00 Today $12+$3.00 = $15.00 Your Offer Price: $12.00 (per day) Total Rental Days: 7 SubTotal: $84.00 Taxes and Fees: $78.28 Total Rental Car Charges: $162.28 I've had a backup for $203 for a premium so not a huge savings but everything counts!! Thanks for this sight--gave me a starting point.
  3. Never happened in over 10 years of Priceline but just had this happen to me last week...overbooked hotel. At 11:00 pm (after 6 hrs of traveling) tried to check-in at our hotel only to be told they were overbooked. They gave me a voucher for another hotel nearby. This resort was not up to par (rated 3 star vs 4 star of original one), mold on shower curtain, ants in kitchen. We were 'allowed' to checkin the next day (pack up, move again)to the original hotel. I talked to Priceline for 25 minutes that morning and they made it sound like they'd take care of things, long story but I'm SOL for any reimbursement. Not their problem. I was told to call the hotel I was originally booked through. Oh, orignal hotel gave me a fruit basket--1 banana, apple & orange to compensate LOL. Just thought I'd share...
  4. I used some bonus money. Started at $52 (including bonus) and added 2 rebidding zones and ended with $72 (paid $65). There's a $17 resort fee that I'm not crazy about though. Used your PRICELINE link. Thanks for the website
  5. Hello, I'm not totally thrilled with this hotel based on Trip Advisor reviews but the location looks great. The hotel's website has a total with taxes as $1,248.61 prepay rate. Just an FYI, I started bidding for 5 * Mayfair-Soho & Westminster and went up to $215 and never received a counter-offer Bid on 4* starting at $105 and used many rebids since 6/11/11 Thanks to your Entertainment Book posting on this board, I used the $20/3 night bonus on PRICELINE. there's alot in between but this is the final thing that happened today for Soho-Mayfair & Westminster as the target: bid 4* at $145 (+$6.67 per night bonus added) = $151.67 REJECTED but offered a counter of $185 (the first one I received in all the bidding) bid $155 (+$6.67 bonus) = $161.67 Received the above hotel and this is my PRICELINE breakdown for 3 nights. Room Cost (avg. per room, per night): $155.00 (USD) Room Subtotal: $465.00 (USD) Taxes and Fees: $109.32 (USD) Total Room Cost: $574.32 (USD) Used your PRICELINE link--thanks for this board!!!!
  6. Thank you, Thereuare. YES! an unexpected (or expected) trip to Paris is a great thing! May have to change my title. But after MUCH TOO MUCH time on the computer! We have a place to stay. I appreciate you giving suggestions! As always, used your PRICELINE link--thank you for your continued service! Paris Marriott Rive Gauche Hotel & Conference Center July 21-24, 2011 Marriott published rates for our stay (prepay) 209E per night. $1567.6928 (US conversion for 3 nights, 2 rooms) PRICELINE with taxes and fees $1066.14 Okay here's how it went, bid $145 for St Germain-Latin REJECTED, PL offered $185 added Champs Elysees - Arc De Triomphe - $155 REJECTED added Opera West - $161 - ACCEPTED (Latin quarter) Don't know if the strategy was okay since I am so sick of looking at Paris hotels and just want to be done (trying to find the perfect location, price, AC, larger beds, good reviews....). Hubby is very happy since he likes Marriotts and the hope of having a king bed is in sight. I will have to email my request for that. I wanted a more 'quaint' hotel in old Paris but I still have another night to book at the beginning of our trip. I also have to find a room in London for three nights. Maybe I'll find something more in that realm..... Thanks again!
  7. I had two failed attempts this morning for bidding into Paris hotels. We had a last minute business/pleasure trip come up and now I am scrambling for rooms. My first one was for the St. Germain - Latin Quarter - Montparnasse area shooting for the Marriott that's been posted here. My dates are July 21-24, 2 rooms - bid $105 REJECTED Added Champs Elysees - Arc De Triomphe - $126 REJECTED. I know how to do the adding of free rebids but am not comfortable since we are also bidding for another couple and am not really familiar with the Paris areas and I am a chicken! I used your link and will continue trying and looking at many, many hotels in the coming days! Since it's late July, Air Conditioning, larger beds or twins and location are TOP priorities :)
  8. Sorry for the late post. A little background on the bid. We bid while we were sitting in a parking lot using our laptop at 4:00pm for the same night. Started bid at $75 for a 4 star, no luck $80 4 star, no luck $85 nada $75 for 3.5 star, no go $85 for 3.5 got Renaissance We were happy with the hotel and it does look newly remodeled. We did receive the 'view' of the highway but we didn't know to ask for anything else. But for 1 night it was okay and we didn't notice hwy noise. Although it is listed as Pike Place along with downtown--it is not exactly that close to PP. It was 5 (steep,long-hilly) blocks down and over from PP. If walking is an issue, I'd suggest a cab or the bus. Used the PRICELINE link on this site. Thanks for maintaining this website!
  9. Renaissance Vancouver Hotel Harbourside. Sorry for the late post. We bid while in Vancouver so I forgot to post. We got two rooms. We requested and received connecting rooms with a view of the harbor. $75 per room I used your web link to start the bid with PRICELINE. Thanks!
  10. Oops sorry I didn't use the right link! My apologies. :) Thanks for all you do to maintain this board!!!
  11. This was a tough one. Never paid this high even in Hawaii--taxes are high. Started at $15 and worked my way up. $18.00 (per day) Total Rental Days: 13 days(12 days and 19 hours) Subtotal: $234.00 Taxes and Fees: $184.09 Total Charges: $418.09 Lowest Published Price: $875.98 (USD) Total Savings:* $457.89 (USD) (You saved 52%) * Prices are in US dollars
  12. Thank you for your reply. That motel listed their rate as $82/night. I decided to change directions and stay at a bed & breakfast near Volcano National Park. Thanks again!
  13. Hello, I couldn't get the reverse look up to work (probably operator error!) so I need help. 2 star, Hilo, $86 June 15, 07 oceanfront, pool, restaurant, laundry, golf nearby. I think that's all the information needed :) Thank you for any input.
  14. Here's a side note I thought of....when I was at $47, PL offered for $13 more I could get it. I declined *thinking* I could do much better LOL! So that would've been $60 which was later rejected....Maybe I could've gotten it for $62 but I was just getting fed up by then.... :)
  15. After 3 days of bidding using Mystic, Groton, Niantic & Old Saybrook for re-bids, I FINALLY got the Amerisuites which I was targeting. I started with the $32 and bid $37, 40, 45, 47, 49, 52, 60.....Eventhough someone recently got the Hilton for $52, I REALLY wanted the Amerisuites! Hope this helps someone else and you won't waste 3 days thinking about it and rebidding! Used Savingsbarn. Thank you
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