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  1. Excellent. Looking forward to heading to Seattle after some skiing up at Whistler. Hope they start getting some more snow up there!
  2. Actually, my first bid was $89. I followed one of the tricks I learned about on here and kept adding zones and increasing the price using 4* only hotels in Seattle, which would be guaranteed downtown. $100 was my third bid ($89, $99, $100). Don't ask me why I only went up $1 on the last bid. Just a hunch I guess. Thanks for the info on getting a room on a high floor. We're going to be arriving around noon or so, so we'll be able to either get in early or come back later in the day. I'm assuming they can hold onto your luggage if you want a room that's not ready so you can go check out some sights in the town. Would this be correct? Thanks for your suggestion!
  3. Just got the Westin in downtown Seattle for $100 for 3/18/05 - 3/21/05. Westin's site has this listed as $159/night for that same timeframe.