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  1. I also see a 4 star for $103 on Hot.wire. My guess is also Hyatt regency for that one.
  2. Under $100 3.5* or above. I have enough Radisson points to stay free but I think if I find a cheap hotel in a great location those could better be used somewhere else like New York. I'm seeing a PRICELINE EXPRESS deal for 4* fitness center and business center in Millenium Park for $108, 8/10 rating. Any idea what that is? Thanks.
  3. Hello, I am going to Chicago for 2 nights May 2 and 3, was wondering what is the best possible bid I could get for the three zones with the best location: Millenium Park, North Michigan, and Lincoln Park. I don't see any winners for those nights. Looks pretty pricey on express deals.
  4. Ended up not getting a hotel for this night. Please close this thread.
  5. Failed at $80 a few times, so saw a PRICELINE EXPRESS deal for $108, and had a 10% express deal coupon that applied, so real price was $97.20 per night. Used the betterbidding PRICELINE link. Amenities Free Internet (in Public Area) Spa Non-Smoking Gym Restaurant Handicap Accessible Business Center
  6. It appears I was not signed in when I made this win so I can not find the amenities. Sorry!
  7. Rebid at 2.5* at $42 and $46 and rejected with rebid zones league city and north Houston which had 2* and below only. I'll start this game again tomorrow and use the 3* rebid zones also. Also I've updated the thread you mentioned.
  8. Need a hotel in Kemah/Seabrook (Houston area) 1/24 Rejected: 3* $44 based on $110 median price (60% off) Rejected: 2.5* $38 based on $92 median price (60% off) Will raise both 5% daily until I win
  9. Smoke Free Rooms Restaurant Fitness Center Business Center Pool (s) High-Speed Internet Access
  10. $155.08 after tax. Didn't want to risk getting Emily Morgan on Priceline so paid a few extra bucks for peace of mind.
  11. The interesting thing is the rate on HOTWIRE has gone up from $62 to $98 for the same night now, maybe related to my winning bid, who knows?
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