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  1. Hi, I just got a room for 9/15-9/17 for $120. The hotel is Hilton and I just bid $120 and my first bid was accepted. I was getting frustrated with not being able to find a room so I just started high. My $120 bid had not been accepted all of last week.
  2. Been bidding lower for the past few day 65-75 range for Sofitel with no luck. Hotwire prices got me worried that it might be a high demand weekend. Bid $90 using the PRICELINE link on the site, and first bid was accepted. Thanks.
  3. Started bidding at $73 and moved up adding re-bid zones. Bid of $80 was accepted by Westin San Diego (not the Gaslamp property). I was actually really hoping for the Omni but can't win them all! Thanks to folks on the site for your help. I used the PRICELINE link on the site as usual!
  4. Great tips Donald! This will definitely help on my upcoming trip. Much appreciated!
  5. Thanks folks, Used the PRICELINE link on the site and had my first bid accepted for Palace hotel which is the one I wanted! Bid was based on the last couple of accepted bids for this hotel. Did not go lower than 90 because others had received another hotel with those bids. Thanks for everyone's help! Now I need to bid for the San Diego portion of my trip.
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