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  1. I'm VERY happy with this deal. I was hoping it would be this hotel. Thanks again for the site and I used the HOTWIRE link. Country Inn & Suites Asheville Tunnel 199 Tunnel Road, Asheville, NC, 28805 (828) 254-431 Rate per night: $58.00 Nights: 1 Rooms: 1 Tax recovery charges & fees: $12.28 Subtotal: $70.28 Amenities: Free Parking Complimentary Breakfast Fitness Center Pool(s) Laundry Facilities (self-service) High-Speed Internet Access Recommended by 95%.
  2. I booked a similar hotel with the HOTWIRE link on here and it was Country Inn and Suites. Mine had everything you listed as well as 'High Speed Internet'. I hope this helps you.
  3. I knew exactly what I was getting thanks to this forum! Thanks again and I used the HOTWIRE link! aloft Montreal Airport 500 McMillan Ave, Dorval, QC, H9P 0A2 Listed Amenities: Smoke Free Rooms Airport Shuttle Fitness Center Pool(s) Business Center High-Speed Internet Access Recomended by 95%
  4. Thanks to this board, I knew exactly what I was getting myself into! Thanks again and as always, I used the HOTWIRE link. Free Breakfast, Laundry and High Speed Internet and Recommended by 100% of users. Comfort Inn Airport East Ancienne Lorette 1255 Boul. Duplessis, L'Ancienne-Lorette, QC, G2G 2B4
  5. To answer one of my own questions, I've figured out it's the Comfort Inn at 1255 boul Duplessis, L'Ancienne-Lorette, Quebec G2G 2B4, Canada. How was your stay? Pros? Cons?
  6. I hate to jump into an old thread, but I was hoping you could follow up on your trip. I was about to book this hotel and wanted to hear some reviews from someone from this site first. Also, what's the address. There are a couple of 'Comfort Inn East' and I want to check reviews on the right one. Thanks!
  7. I was trying for the three star Best Western Plus. I started at $65 and went up $5 adding zones and stars till my bid was accepted. I'll take it. I used the site's PRICELINE link.
  8. I put $65 and was rejected. Added Bar Harbor and raised to $75 and got the Fairfield Inn. I'm happy because I wanted to stay in Bangor, not Bar Harbor. I think I used the PRICELINE line but I've been going back and forth a ton planning a two and a half week trip, so I'm not 100% sure, just 70% sure. :)
  9. First bid accepted. I bid on 3 stars in Danbury and got it. I also used the PRICELINE link.
  10. I used the board's HOTWIRE link and booked this. It was the Ramada Maingate West Kissimmee and the total came to $128.35 after taxes. Amenities: Pool, Fitness, Hi-Speed Internet, Business. Could a mod please change the check out date to May 2nd. My bad.
  11. 4* $99 a night, Uptown Charlotte - City Center Hotel (Recommended by 85%) Amenities include: Pools Restaurants Business Center High Speed Internet Access First, I must apologize for not using the site's HOTWIRE link. :) I was in the diner and it was a spur of the moment purchase made on my cell phone. I actually had been waiting for this property to show up, so I had the amenities memorized. When I checked it at 11:50pm from the diner and saw it, I had to book it. I wasn't sure if the price would go up or even if it would be there when I got home after midnight. I still wanted to report it to the boards. :)
  12. Hey. I just wanted to add a little closure to this thread. I did end up booking 'The Wave' hotel. I really appreciate everyone's help. Sorry I couldn't use the links this time around.
  13. How is 'The Wave' in SoBe? I can get it through BookIt.com for $284 total, taxes included ($118 a night). I'll also be hit with a $10 resort fee and $30 valet (which seems normal for the area, anyway) once I arrive. I know BB doesn't get anything out of that reservation, but what do you think? Should I take it?
  14. How many bad hotels are in SoBe that I might get stuck with on PRICELINE? At least with HOTWIRE, I have a chance of knowing which hotel to get. For what it's worth, I very much appreciate your help and won't take it out on you if I get stuck with some sh*thole if you think I should go with PRICELINE. :)
  15. I guess the best bang for the buck at this point.
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