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  1. In my most recent bidding round I went back and forth A LOT between the Express Deals tab and the bidding tab. What I noticed is, if you go over to Express Deals after you've started bidding (made at least one rejected bid), the deals offered may change. I am certain I had the price go down on some Express Deals after a round of bidding, compared to just looking at Express Deals fresh from a new search before starting to bid. So, don't assume the first list of Express Deals you get is the final word for that session. Because it might not be.
  2. This is a nice win thanks to the Better Bidding community. I did start with the PRICELINE link; I hope through all my variations it still credits properly. Started at $60 and received counter offer of $74, then $63, then win at $66. Having two 2* zones sure is handy. There was a PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal at $76 that appeared to be this property. Assuming the 10% Express Deal coupon for today applied, I didn't beat that by very much, but that's okay. Note if anyone else is looking for this weekend at last minute, it said I could extend stay for same price. This is a total departure from my usu
  3. Note: this win included an "add nights for the same rate" link. Not too surprising actually after 4-5 rounds of bidding. Several days of scanning Hotwire and the Priceline Express Deals plus the regular available pricing on PL led me to believe that I might not even get a 3.5* with PL bid. The prices for the two places on the regular booking side of Priceline (Hilton and Sheraton are it on that side) were $140 and up and there were no 3.5* Express Deals. I bid up to high $40s a few times then yesterday bid $50 for 3.5* and still nothing. Then each of the last few days I also did some biddin
  4. This is just going to get lost in the sea of NYC posts ;) but needed a room on that Wednesday before Thanksgiving because can't quite make the drive all the way to Boston when leaving in the afternoon. (Not interested in arriving at 12-1am.) Some info that helped me home in on a price: $63 3* available at Hotwire, $56 3* available on PRICELINE EXPRESS Deals and I was pretty sure it would be Hyatt House because they had the cheapest going rate for 3*. The rate for knowing beforehand was $98 + tax so this saved at least $40 off that and got down into the price range of lesser lodgings. That
  5. One night weekend stay here in late April 2012 was more than acceptable for the $45 bid price. A few notes: Hotel is located in Rockville along Rockville Pike (MD Rt 355), and the Metro red line (Twinbrook station) is behind the hotel with an easy roughly one-block walk. This is still pretty far out from downtown Washington DC, but with a deal like 45 bucks it might be worth it. Parking in the hotel garage costs $15, something you might not expect from a suburban hotel. But here's a tip: The 3 streets of the hotel block that are not the main road Rockville Pike all have metered street park
  6. Needed a room for Saturday for a quick DC run. Was thinking about downtown, but in digging at the non-opaque prices I saw an opening to try at these Rockville 3.5* properties. There are 4 rebid opportunities with 3.5* in bidding for the Maryland/DC Suburbs area so this can work out well. I was going to start at $40, but when it didn't protest that I only had a small chance of winning ;-) I backed up and bumped down to $37. That didn't protest either but I figured that was low enough. No go, went right to $42, no go there, went to $45. Should be within a couple bucks of lowest possible! N
  7. Wanted to update this with new info from my more recent stay on 12/23/11. The room I got this time was on the 6th floor (last time was on the 4th, if it matters) and this room was slightly changed. The main furniture looked the same, lamps were definitely old, chairs might have been new though with a newish looking adjustable desk chair, newer-style easy chair plus a desk side chair as well. The TV was replaced with a flat screen I think 32" hanging on the wall. One upshot of this is you get a very long place to put junk on top of the same old long low bureau that the old tube TV used to s
  8. Not sure how to report the bonus money in bidding price, fix if necessary. The win is at $42+$10 bonus. Maybe should be reported as $52 for continuity? Hm. Taking a trip up to New England again and figured I'd take advantage of the Cyber Monday $10 bonus deal. Yeah, would be better on a 5-night hotel stay somewhere, but I just don't have one in mind and can't plan one that quickly. ;-) I figured I would get this same BW as the last trip, and indeed that is what happened. My perhaps slightly off bid progression means I saved a net of only $5 over the last win, but that's still good. Biddin
  9. That seems like a really good win to me, $67 for that fairly new Residence Inn on the North Shore. I wanted to explain this should have nothing to do with the North-Allegheny Valley zone. You're quite correct that there's only 2.5 stars in that zone, still shows it now when I looked. The Residence Inn you won is in the Downtown zone; that is why you won it and why it is 3*. Presumably you didn't expect to win in Downtown with a price that low? Not sure. If you wanted to keep focusing on Green Tree 3* then it would have been better to add North-Allegheny Valley, then South Side, then West
  10. As I read that again I guess what I should have said is "Public areas look dated, room furnishings looked dated, etc" because I can't for sure say they'e the same given it was my only ever stay there. ;-) They do look dated, though. The whole place screams 80s to me; if you look at the lobby and the restaurant area behind you'll see what I mean. Not sure how much reno they can do for $3 mil either, doesn't sound like much. But I'm guessing they'll go for some new TVs and that sort of thing at some point.
  11. You should be within $10 at worst, for what it's worth. I got it for $47 and stayed just last night (hence noticing this today and commenting). I got the same $54 counter when I was bidding, but I declined it. It's not a bad property, a little tired in some aspects is probably what I would sum it up as, but room was clean and serviceable. And apparently over the coming months some stuff will be renovated. I posted a hotel review. I think it's adequate at 54 bucks, given what you would normally get at retail for that cost.
  12. It's interesting that Priceline apparently used to rate this place 2.5* and now it's 3*. I wonder if they have perhaps jumped the gun a bit? The hotel has this article pasted all over the place about renovations: http://www.timesleader.com/news/Area_hotel_gets__3M_upgrade_09-01-2011.html?searchterm=east+mountain+inn but as of November 2011 nothing much appears to have happened. Public areas look the same, the room furnishings look the same, etc. It's possible that some rooms are renovated by now and Priceline mostly gets non-renovated rooms. That said, this wasn't horrible by any means.
  13. Needed a room coming back to Pittsburgh from way out on Cape Cod (leaving on Sunday afternoon). Nobody's lists showed a 3* but given a 3.5* on Hotwire I did suspect it was a re-rating of this BW. (Time to update the list.) I was hoping for the Hilton Garden Inn, which I've stayed at before, but no such luck. Bet that one is actually popular as it's never been reported for Priceline or Hotwire. ;-) Bid went like this: $40 for Wilkes-Barre, got a counter for $54. Declined because I had 3 rebids. $44 adding White Haven, still no. $47 adding Hazleton, got the win. Can't be too bad, although
  14. Oops. That is a fair difference in location, have to say. Although it shouldn't be too bad with any luck, if you need to get down that way. A jaunt down Rt 885 should get you to the location of the Springhill pretty quickly, about 10 min or so. The Courtyard is in a shopping/dining development called The Waterfront so at least you'll be near something to eat, etc.
  15. So I made 2 bids last night, lowballing at $42 then $47 with only State College North at 2.5* then adding Clearfield (which is a free rebid at only 2* max). Seeing the recent hits on State College North, figured that made sense. Tonight I bid $49 and got a counteroffer page. I guess they know this sort of feeds the fire right? :) I mean yeah, some people might have just slapped down the $64 it wanted, but I *know* the bid doesn't have to be $64. So I tell them to stuff it and add Clearfield. Almost just put $51 because of the reported bids for this weekend, but I put $52. No go. Then und
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