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  1. I probably would have bid lower but we are leaving tomorrow and couldn't afford to be rejected.
  2. Won Hyatt Place Fl Lauderdale/Airport North Hotel for $55 a night. We have stayed here before and it is the hotel I wanted. Yipee!. :)
  3. Started bid at 55 then 57, won the Hilton for $67. Have stayed there before, nice hotel. Parking expensive but 24 hour security and in a parking garage. Am pleased. :)
  4. 1st bid for $52 Seattle Airport area, won Coast Gateway Hotel. Have stayed there before. Nice Hotel. :)
  5. Well, I have been bidding and bidding but to no avail. Finally I got Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina for $88 a night April 8 to April 10/11. I think that because there are going to be 5 cruise ships in around that time, that is why I had so much trouble and the price was higher than I'm used to paying. I'm OK with the hotel, I would have preferred something in town but the tour will pick us up at the hotel so all is not lost.
  6. Hi I just tried $75 and was rejected on both the 4 and then the 3.5 star hotels. Well I'll try again tomorrow.
  7. We are looking at April 8/11 checking out on April 10/11. Thanks for looking into it. I appreciate it as always.
  8. I have been bidding for the past 3 days for a weekend in April, San Diego (Downtown and Harbour Island). I did my research and found that most of the bids accepted for 4 star was $60 to $75.00 for that area, not specifically the time I want. I started the bidding at $60 for a 4 star, was rejected, tried for a 3.5 star, rejected again, bid the next day $65, for both 4 and 3.5, rejected again, bid $70 and rejected again. Tomorrow I'll try $75.00, but I was wondering, maybe I'm too early. Maybe the hotels hold out until closer to the time to let them go for less. Your advice would be appreciated. Thanks. And of course I use the link on this site to bid on PRICELINE.
  9. Well I thought I would give priceline a couple more tries before I tried Hotwire. On Priceline bid $80 for 4 star and $75 for 3.5, no luck for Nov 11/10 . Yellowdog identified the 3 star on Hotwire as being the Hyatt North so I put in a bid $50.00 on Priceline and got the Hyatt North. Saved $9.00 plus tax by using Priceline. Thanks so much.
  10. Normally I use PRICELINE, started out with $50 and now I am up to $75.00 for a 3.5 + Hotel, either 3-star hotel in Las Olas - Downtown - Port Everglades or at the Beach. I have been rejected each time. I was just looking at HOTWIRE and getting an idea of the prices. The have a 3-star hotel in Las Olas - Downtown - Port Everglades for $59.00, November 11, 2010. that has shuttle, smoke free rooms, complementary breakfast, fitness, pool, business and internet. Have any idea what hotel that would be and is it any good? Thanks Lida
  11. Bid $46 and won Hilton Seattle Airport and Conference Centre. Happy with the hotel and price, not happy about paying $20 a day for parking.
  12. Bid $42 for July 1 to July 4, 3 star got Holiday Inn Seattle Renton.
  13. Hi, tried yesterday for a 3.5 star for Apr 16-18/10. Started at $45, rejected, added downtown and upped it to $48, rejected. :) Today after 24 hours, bid 3.5* Westshore for $57 and bid accepted. :o Hotel is Sheraton Suites Tampa Airport Westshore. It has been recently renovated and is right beside a hotel I stayed a few years ago. Am happy with the area, hotel and price. I will update on how the hotel was after I return. :)
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