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  1. That's pretty much what I figured... I was just hoping for some 'golden post option' that could help. Is there a chance with Hotwire stuff, do you think? (now that they've opened up to European hotels, that is?)
  2. Just as a possible aside, and have great airfare for students... REALLY discounted... might help defray the costs!
  3. OK, I'm going on a delayed honeymoon (4 years) in September to London. I've got my bidding research already done, but will likely bid sometime in March or April. I have one question that I have been unable to determine. Is there ANY way to find out if breakfast is included prior to accepting a bid? I am bidding for 4* or above only, and using Priceline. Is this something I just have to wait and see? It makes a big difference in prices for London stays, and would change my minimum acceptable bid price a lot... thanks!
  4. I've used SkyAuction before successfully, and will agree heartily with the above: Check ALL the addons! I had successfully bid and purchased two roundtrip, nonstop Virgin Atlantic tickets from Miami to London in August for $250 each. Plus $50 each for being out of Miami, Plus $100 each for taxes. However, $400 each is still a stellar deal for peak time on VA on that route! As an aside, these ARE prepaid and nonrefundable, just like Priceline! I was actually able (due to a doctor's note forbidding me to fly overseas due to a tough pregnancy) to get a refund (minus $50 per ticket) for these through very helpful people at both SkyAuction and Virgin -- but it was definitely an exception, and took lots of work.