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  1. Won this hotel after 3 attempts. First attempt Saturday was for a 3 star hotel in downtown @ $63, not accepted, I did not want to be west of the city so I waited a day for my next attempt. After reviewing several hotel websites, most of the hotels had no availability for the dates I needed 3/10 thru 3/11, so I made another attempt Sunday upping the bid to $75 for a 3 star, same area, again turned down. This morning (Monday) I figured I'd look at a 2.5 star and bid $58 for a 2 1/2 star in the same area, not accepted but allowed me a re-bid if I upped my bid $9, I did the re-bid, it was accepted and turned into the Four Points Sheraton which I thought was rated as a 3 star. So anyway with taxes it's $81.76 and I found out a $10 parking fee. Not a biggie since the all other sites were asking $155 to $180 for the same hotel during the dates needed. Still saved 55%
  2. Taking a road trip for a few days and wanting to cut the drive in half, so Charleston WV was that mark for the evening of 5/27, the week after Memorial Day. 3 stars is as good as it gets in Charleston WV, but I bid $62.00 last Friday and didn't get a room. Sunday (today) I got the Embassy Suites for $69.00 plus tax of $16.72, so total stay will be $85.72. By the way I am a Hilton Diamond member, and the cheapest rate I could get quoted for this property was $152.00. Granted I may not get points for the stay, but I'll still get my perks like free parking.
  3. Didn't see a review on Paris, so here is one. We stayed at Paris for 4 nights in June of 09. Parking was adequte and behind the facility, but attached by escalator which was nice. We got what they call a luxury room for $50 a night (booked directly they had a promo) and were amazed at the place. Upon check in I put a $20 bill with my CC and asked for a strip view and possible room upgrade which basically was unreplied to by the check in person, but I watched her smile and put that $20 in her drawer. When we got to the room we had exactly what we wanted a strip view and above the 20th floor. We had heard a couple talking in the elevator about their room which they had the same promo price, and they were overlooking the back parking lot and AC units. I think it my room was worth the $20. The room was decent sized, nothing overly spectacular, but larger than the Mirage or Monte Carlo rooms (400 sqf) The bathroom was large enough that the two of us could use it and not be bumping into each other. Nice decor and decent soaps, hand lotions, shampoos, conditioners. Our view was great as we could see the Eifel Tower clearly as well as a great view of the pool, strip and the Bellagio Fountains. What we later learned however was the music from the fountains stayed on late and radiated into the room. However since we were so tired by the time we were getting back, it never seemed to disturb us. Staff was courteous and responded well to any requests. Concierge was very good as well. Casino was decent sized and not overly crowded. Good shops, restaurants and lounges inside the facility. We enjoyed the stay immensely. I would definately rate this a 4* if not a 4.25* not yet a 4.5.
  4. Finally had a bid accepted for the night of 4/7 thru 4/8, 3.5* at $79 + tax total $98. Savannah Marriott Riverfront. Thanks.
  5. Sorry about that Yellow Dog. I went and followed up on that last post, I actually thought I took care of that when I got back.
  6. For this stay I finally got an accepted price of $36 per night. The hotel was an off name but rated as a 3.5* (at one time it was the Sheraton). By the time I made my trip the hotel was purchased 3 months prior and is now known as the Crowne Plaza South. It was under remodel at the time of my stay, but the room they provided me was great. No issues with my reservation or price paid.
  7. Been trying for a 3.5* hotel for 1 night in Historic Savannah 4/7 which is a Thursday night. bids of $62 thru $75 have been rejected. Is there anything special about this date? Good Friday is two week out from this date and is the closest I could figure. No other holidays or special events from my research, plus it's for a Thursday night. Tried other areas around as well. Using the PRICELINE link as well from this site.
  8. Trying to get it done at the right price. I guess when i see others getting rates slightly lower than my bids, I'm curious as to why my higher bids haven't been accepted. I do have a feeling my dates are still outside of where they are will to accept lower than average rates at this time.
  9. Been bidding on 3.5 stars at 35 to 38 per night. I've seen several posts here where the Doubletree has accepted 32 & 34 per night, yet I get no acceptance. Am I too far out for this trip? I have been using the better bidding PRICELINE links as well. Any help would be appreciated. Due to what I am up there for and where I need to be, Independence is really the area needed as well.
  10. I've been bidding at 35 a night hoping to get this deal for July, but I think it's just too far out right now, because it won't accept 35.
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