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  1. Just to let you know I tried to do a search of Paris hotels under the Reveal Hotels site. I screened for Nov. 9-12 this year. After a pause the site populates with a huge number of hotels. However, if you screen further by deselecting any of the stars, the number of hotels falls to 5. Similarly if you don't deselect any but instead click the price button at the top of the list to sort by price the number of hotels also falls to five. No need reply...I just wanted to let you know as I appreciate the site!
  2. Hi,Manha I've used betterbidding and priceline many times. I've noticed the "name your own price" feature for hotels not being offered in smaller markets before but I'm trying to find a room in Manhattan for Sep 16-18 and it seems improbable that there would be no name your price options unless they've totally killed it. Any tips or is it dead? EDIT BY THEREUARE: use BiddingForHotelRooms.com for each access to the Priceline NYOP Bidding page
  3. Hi, I don't know if you have any data on this area but I'm looking at a PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal with the following attributes: Abu Dhabi - Corniche & Saadiyat Island Area 5 stars Guest score 8 of 10 (Guest Favorite) Amenities: Indoor or Outdoor Pool, Restaurant, Fitness Center, Free Parking, Free Internet & Business Center Price: $101 before fees & such... They also charge an "additional mandatory fee" at the property on top of Price.line rate/fee/tax if that can be used as a clue as to location. I know the site doesn't feature Abu Dhabi / other UAE locations besides Dubai but if you have any insights your help would be much appreciated. Thank you! David
  4. Hyatt Regency Toronto - $71...$89.23 with fees. Four stars. Bid up from $65 varying areas with 4 stars or less (other than the area I wanted). For reference only had tried for a 4.5 star or higher at bids up to $95 without success and then switched to four stars. The winning bid was about $13 cheaper than a 4 star PRICELINE EXPRESS deal in the same area.
  5. OK. Reply posted. I ALWAYS post when I have data of use. As you request...I had no more data as I didn't pursue the bid further.
  6. Looking at Fort Lauderdale Beach area for 2/7 to 2/10. I am seeing $229 for the following four star (note boutique which I didn't see on lists): resort, boutique hotel, oceanfront hotel, smoke-free rooms, fitness center, pool(s), restaurant(s), business center, internet access, spa services I am also seeing $213 for the following four star: free internet, resort, pet friendly, fitness center, pool(s), restaurant(s), business center, internet access, golf nearby, tennis nearby, spa services, wheelchair accessible, accessible bathroom, accessible parking, roll-in shower Please assist.
  7. I'm not sure what you mean by close but I just posted concluding remarks on both items. If there is another means to conclude the posts please instruct me. I look forward to your comments on my question above. Thank you.
  8. FULL AMENITIES: Free parking, free internet, beachfront hotel, airport shuttle, fitness center, pool(s), restaurant(s), self-service laundry, internet access, golf nearby, tennis nearby, spa services
  9. Won Novotel Paris CDG Terminal for $75 before fees & such. Bid $65 for four stars for CDG East - declined. Then added CDG West and bid $75. Accepted. Used BetterBidding [url=http://www.betterbidding.com/clicks/click.php?afsrc=1&id=40]PRICELINE[/url] link.
  10. I didn't Book Barcelona or consider further as I booked an apartment. I would have posted here if I had (and booked through you).
  11. Hotwire 4* Boston Copley Square - Back Bay 95% Approval, Boutique Hotel, Free Internet, Pet Friendly, Smoke Free Rooms, Fitness Center, Restaurants, Business Center Loews?
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