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  1. Booked this "greater downtown" hotel through Hotwire and was horribly disappointed! The hotel is a good 2-3 miles from downtown and isolated! Not even a convenience store anywhere close to buy a soda. No vending machines. Taxi fare is around 18 dollars one way. There is a shuttle with limited hours that runs to downtown that you can book. Parking is 15 dollars a night. The hotel itself is in good repair with a nice fireplace to warm yourself in the lobby. There is a slightly overpriced restaurant next door, but the service was great and the food delish. :) Okay... now about the rooms. Ours was a handicapped accessible "hillside" room. It overlooked a warehouse and an alley.I didn't see a hillside... It had a queen sized bed, loveseat, desk, and tv cabinet. There was a mini - mini snack bar with the normal outrageous prices. The bed was comfortable, but the blanket was disgusting. The bathroom had no tub and the shower was dirty. The water glass was chipped. There was nice soap, bath gel, shampoo, and conditioner, but they didn't refreshen or replace anything the second day. The towels were rough and worn. We called and asked the front desk clerk for another room and he flat out told us that they give the Hotwire customers "the last pick of the rooms". He also told us that they save all the view rooms and the nicer rooms for guests that pay more. I repeated his comments back to him twice to make certain I was understanding him correctly. The hotel manager quickly denied it the next day... hmm... my bet is on the evening desk clerk. Why would he make that up? There is a spa with more overpriced services, but the people we saw leaving it looked very happy. I would say the best thing about the Avalon is the complimentary breakfast. It is served on each floor by the elevator. There was fresh fruit, yogurt, cereal, cheese, peanut butter, and a sweet type of bread. Also, a special coffee maker that made individual cups of excellent coffee. It really was the highlight of our stay. Sadly. I would not ever recommend this hotel to anyone.
  2. Booked 2 nights at $109. with taxes and fees the total was $251.75. Amenities listed : Boutique, complimentary breakfast, fitness center, business center, spa, and best value. Hotel website had rooms at 152. per night.
  3. Sorry! Yes, it was the Holiday Inn. I started through the HOTWIRE link the first time I checked but used my history button the second time when I booked.
  4. Amenities were pool, customer favorite, restaurant, and laundry.
  5. The Renaissance. I bid 65.00 first for a 4 * ( just dreamin' ) and after it was refused bid 70 for a 3 *.
  6. Bid 2 1/2 star (the highest available in the area I needed) for 30.00 and was rejected Re bid at 33.00 and added a zone and was accepted.
  7. Bid : 12.00 subtotal : 84.00 taxes/fees : 39.13 total 123.13 7 days original bid of 10.00 rejected
  8. I bid on a 3 star near Universal for $35 and was rejected. I added WDW area and increased my price to $40 and was rejected. I then added Kissimee and increased to $45 and was accepted for the Sheraton Studio City Hotel( in the Universal area). 4/2/05-4/9/05. 315.00 plus 50.03 in taxes. Total 365.03. Hope this helps.