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  1. Started bidding at $70, which was rejected. Using two of the many "free bid" areas available in the Baltimore area, I increased my offer, and was successful at $76. A good deal!
  2. Started bidding at $68. I was able to utilize many "free" bid zones, and finally scored a win at $82. A considerable saving over hotel's published rates.
  3. Initial bid accepted. Was surprised and pleased. This hotel is $139 on Expedia, etc. Hotel comes highly recommended on Tripadvisor.
  4. I initially tried bidding on this hotel via PRICELINE. Bids of 86 to 90 were all rejected. I finally relented and paid the "full" price on HOTWIRE. We are not gamblers, and will enjoy a smoke-free environment.
  5. Initial bid of $45 accepted. Expedia cheapest room $94. I'm very satisfied!
  6. Initial bid of $40 rejected. Increased bid $2 each day, and landed the Holiday Inn Express. Expedia prices begin at $91. I'm delighted.
  7. My initial bid was $65. I utilized the several re-bid zones that were available - increasing my bid $5 for each zone. Day one bidding was unsuccessful. I started day 2 bidding at $95 and landed the Sheraton for $100. I'm delighted. The cheapest room available for this hotel on Expedia is $245!
  8. $46 bid accepted at the 3 star Jacksonville Radisson Hotel at Butler Blvd for 1 night - November 7th. Hotel has very good reviews. I'm satisfied. willbrook
  9. My initial bid of $48 was accepted. Cheapest "rack" rate was $91. I'm satisfied.
  10. My initial bid of $54 was accepted for this 3 1/2 star hotel. A good deal on Long Island!
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