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  1. I got this one on my third bid. The previous bid was 46. With taxes it all came to 65.63
  2. I just wanted to update the parking fee, I stayed here last weekend. They are now charging $61.00 a night to park your car. If you are staying you also need to call housekeeping and tell them "no knocking early". Housekeeping was knocking on the door at 8 am on a Saturday, I was less then thrilled.
  3. I got this one last week too. I was really disappointed, but they did give me a really nice room with a view. The parking fee was killer, $61.00 a night.
  4. I was desperate. Last minute traveling during a holiday makes you make bold moves! I am really worried about this place. I will try and remember to post back and write a review. Features: Smoke Free Rooms Complimentary Breakfast Pool(s) Business Center Golf Nearby Tennis Nearby This one, as well as the St. George, one I just posted are new to the pinned Hotwire Hotel list.
  5. Posted via the HOTWIRE links on the forum! Hotel features are breakfast, pool and high speed internet.
  6. Dang, I am out of practice posting here. Sorry about that. Best Western Grand Canyon Square Inn
  7. It was my first bid, so maybe I could have gone lower. You only have a couple of bid chances, and I did not want Williams.
  8. Again, my sincere appreciation to this site, I followed the tips I found here and saved over $80 a ticket from what I found online.
  9. I did not post this earlier, because I thought I would likely not stay. 2* is as good as it gets in Fort Bragg. This may be a new listing, I had no idea what I would get, it is not on the hotel list here. Anyway, I have to say, ignore the nasty reviews! We had a really nice room (106), there were 2 separate bedrooms, giving me a place to store my stuff and another to sleep. The rooms were spacious, clean and well appointed. The bathroom had nice tile floors, and the sink was granite. The rooms were very clean, with wainscotting on the walls, comfy beds and a great television. There was also a small safe and refrigerator in the room. Breakfast was nothing to write about, but free coffee, OJ and a danish.
  10. I was going to make a thread, but this one is new enough. I picked up this same reservation for 51 a night. It was my first bid, which I sort of hate, maybe I could have gotten it for less! Reservation made via savingsbarn.com
  11. Which hotel? I need a room at Fishermans Wharf and am researching prior to bidding.
  12. This promotion seems to be over, it was $25 with free shipping.
  13. I am having some trouble placing a bid on car rental. I am going to the "name your own price link", which is a java pop-up. I fill out all of the informtion (dates and place) and then get booted over to the standard pricing list, which is about the same as the websites. I have won bids on cars in the past, so I can't figure out what I am doing wrong. I may not have bid since they changed their format, it used to be bids only. I have tried both through savingsbarn.com and priceline.com
  14. My initial bid was $46, and I was offered a room at $56, which I declined to bid again. (yah, I am very tight with the buck). I will post again after my stay. Your Offer Price: $51.00 Extend Your Stay Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 2 Subtotal: $102.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $20.78 Total Charges*: $122.78 I am sorry thereyouare, I completely forgot to use savingsbarn.com! I will next time, I should start traveling often again.