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  1. Thanks for your help, this hotel's price has dropped today and I finally made the purchase. It is Aqua Waikiki Wave in Waikiki South, 9/3/08 - 9/8/08, 3 adults in a room, $79 per night and same amenities as mentioned above. I am happy with my win and I will post a review of this hotel after I come back from my trip. Thanks. ps. How can I update this topic title?
  2. Received this email from Delta for a free photo book from Shutterfly: Get the ultimate travel souvenir
  3. Travel Dates: 9/3/08 - 9/8/08 5 nights ($89 / pn) Star Rating: 3* Zone: Waikiki South Amenities: Near Beach, Smoke Free Rooms, Pool, Restaurants, High-Speed Internet, Golf Nearby Traveler Rating: 4 out of 5 Based on: 340+ customer reviews Last Reviewed: August 2008 I have a feeling that this is Aqua Waikiki Wave, any thoughts? I did two searches with the same dates of stay, one with 2 adults and the other one with 3 adults (all no children). Both prices come out as $89 per night for this particular hotel but other hotels have gone up $20 ~ $30 a night for the extra person charge. Is this usual and safe to book? I am just concern there will be extra charges when I check into Waikiki Wave. What do you think? Any comment will be appreciated!
  4. Thanks for the info. I ended up booking a room directly from the HOLIDAY INN website because I found out that booking thru third parties including Orbitz, Expedia or others cannot earn me points, (which is listed under the member terms & conditions). Again, thank you runNgun and thereuare.
  5. I also bidded a room for $42 in November 2002. It was La Concha Crown Plaza in the Old town area. I have posted the successful bid and the hotel review in this board, too. The hotel is nice and I love Key West.
  6. I have a stupid question. Can I still earn points if I book a hotel room at Orbitz, Expedia, or Travelocity? Because I want a specific room type at Holiday Inn, and seems like Expedia has cheaper price. If I buy from Expedia.com and add the reservation in my priority club card, will I get the points for what I have paid? Any info is appreciated. Thanks.
  7. I received an email from Orbitz that allows to take $10 off the airfare for today only. So check your email. Don't miss the opportunity! Copy from the email: Book a flight TODAY on Orbitz and get $10 off instantly! Let Orbitz be your gateway to SUMMER savings! Book a flight TODAY, July 1, by 11:59PM CDT Apply the $10 air discount by checking the box on the Traveler Information page One discount is allowed per customer and it is not transferable
  8. great. thanks for the info, thats really great. i read on some advisor website that buses to fremont is $2.00, and its exact change. The word, "CHANGE", does it mean, $2.00 in coins only? no bills? Thanks, Tak
  9. hi, how do those compliment works in vegas casino? So you just sit there and play, a waitress will come by eventually, and ask you if you want to drink something, and she will bring it to you for free?? do you need to give her a player's card or something?? Thanks.
  10. Just an update, I quit bidding at priceline cux I don't want to risk my chance of getting Westin. Grabbed $35 at Harrahs thru quickbook for 12/25 (thanks thereuare). I booked Ballys directly for 12/26, 12/27, & 12/28 and the grand total for 3 nites is $256, so the average is at around $85 each nite after tax. Not a bad deal for Holidays. Thanks all for the info and tips. Merry Christmas to everyone in this board!!
  11. hello thereuare, just want to see, based on your experience....how much should i bid on PL for a economy car during 12/25 - 12/29 (4 days total due to afternoon arrival and morning departure)? Thanks, Tak
  12. I checked both hotels for your dates, they are both sold out for your dates. Thats why you keep bidding on PL with no luck. Maybe someone else in this board can give you advice. Good luck.
  13. umm, how much do you think its possible for an economy car during my stay? and I proofread my post this time. :)
  14. hi, thanks for the info, cheezhead. Another question, if i will be going to vegas downtown, different casinos...do you think i should rent a car? I am giong with my wife...so its 2 of us only. I know the cab rate from hotel to the strip is about 13 dollars...So I will need to spent 26 + tips just for the ride from hotel to the strip. What about other kinds of transportation in the vegas area? going to downtown, going from 1 casino to another casino? Do i need to take a cab? (Remember, i am going with my wife, thats 2x transportation fee if taking a bus) and i heard that there is a new vegas, and a old vegas...where are they? i cannot find it on the map...whats the street/town called? If the cost of rental car for 4 days will cost as much as me taking the bus / cab, i would rather go for rental car... and last question...do you think its possible to get a economy car during my stay for about 10/day at PL?? I know i can get it for $17.95 at PL, cheapest i found so far... Thanks! tak
  15. Hello, It is correct that the odds will be the same even tho a 12 comes out six times in a roulette table. However, i go by the statistics. Statistics shows in a 1000 times when you flip a coin, you will get certain sides more than the other one. In the same token, using the same concept in statistics, it might work with the dice game in vegas. I am not trying to say it WILL work. I believe that depends on the dealer, on the way he/she throw the container...but it might help...atleast i know for one thing, if you are not confident in winning, the odds of winning will be so much lower....thats what I learn from psychology back in College.... :) Tak
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