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  1. Westin Washington DC City Center 4* Washington DC - White House July 13-14 $94 Business Center, Fitness Center, Golf Nearby, Internet Access, Pet Friendly, Restaurant, Smoke Free
  2. Used the PRICELINE link at the top of the page. 1st bid: Oklahoma City zone, $50 rejected 2nd bid: added Moore zone (which has no 3.5*) to OKC zone, $55 accepted! My anniversary is June 10th and I went in thinking that if I could get a hotel for $60 I would book it, if not I wouldn't book. Now my wife and I get to have a great night at the Skirvin (probably the nicest hotel in OKC) for about $125 less than the list price. Thanks betterbidding for your help!
  3. Ok, I did my final day of bidding and my bid was just accepted! Tonight I started with $68 dollars on loop: rejected went back to main meny and bid $71 on NMA: rejected added loop to NMA and bid $75: rejected added greater chicago and bid $80: Accepted! The hotel I received is the Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel. This looks like a great hotel and it is much more expensive than I will be paying. Thank you for all your help. I will definitely tell everyone to check out your site. And I used your PRICELINE links as well.
  4. The cheapest 4 star I have found for the downtown area is $135 for the Affinia Hotel. It is actually only a 3 night stay: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights.
  5. I tried the strategy you recommended and all my bids were declined. Should I try again tomorrow with the same bids or would you recommend that I increase my top bid ammount? Do the prices usually change that much this far in advance to my reservation?
  6. Sorry, I misunderstood. The highest I want to bid at the moment is $70. If I have to, I may be able to increase that bid.
  7. So far my highest bid has been $56. I definitely will/did use the PRICELINE link at the top. This site rocks!
  8. Oh sorry, I did do one other bid adding in Lincoln Park with the other 3 zones and bid $56. It was also rejected.
  9. I am looking for some bidding strategy for my trip to Chicago. I will be going from 07/23/10-07/26/10 and would like to stay at a 4* downtown hotel. I have had 3 unsucessful bids on Priceline and was wondering if I need to change my bids to fit with the summer months or if I needed to wait until closer to the time of my trip to start bidding. Here are my bids so far: Millenium-Loop: $50 rejected add NMA River North: $52 rejected add greater Chicago: $55 rejected Thank you so much for your help!
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