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  1. Thank you so much for the help. It was the Holiday Inn, and that will work for me! I used the link above!
  2. Still working on this something for this trip....I now see a Priceline Express 3* in the FLL Airport South rated 8 out of 10 for $219. The amenities include Free Parking Fitness Center Airport Shuttle Business Center Restaurant No Smoking Rooms/Facilities Free Internet Indoor or Outdoor Pool The hotel match function believes this is the Holiday Inn Fort Lauderdale Airport. Would you agree?
  3. https://www.priceline.com/stay/checkout/express/2020-02-14/2020-02-15/1/6A4C208B91F727205FBC1A883610942A5336AED842F6825F48712EA671F58572A196E66AA66FD67D27FD8CE701F80B71EC52CD8CC91A334B/BD612AACE94B3F9646A6155F7CBAB6DC7B1E559192DC9963BE1AA0191B562E9C6446CB97BC277078B160BE3DB7EB01917EA3048807BEE935/?currency-code=USD&country-code=US&tax-display-mode=false&returnurl=https:%2F%2Fwww.priceline.com%2Frelax%2Fin%2Ffll%2Ffrom%2F20200214%2Fto%2F20200215%2Frooms%2F1%2Fsopq%3F
  4. I can't see it when I use the Bidding Helper, but it shows when I use the Priceline search tool underneath it! I'm not using any filters. Yes, I can get to the booking page.
  5. Time got away from me, and I missed out on this deal. Since that time, prices have gone thru the roof! I'm still watching hoping to get something. I just noticed a Priceline 2.5* Fort Lauderdale Downtown that is $215. The amenities are stated as the following: Free Internet In Room Free Breakfast Outdoor Swimming Pool Airport Shuttle No Smoking Rooms/Facilities Fitness Center Handicapped Rooms/Facilities Business Center Free Internet In Public Areas Free Internet Access Swimming Pool The rating is a 9+. Any idea what hotel this might be?
  6. I'm trying to ID a 3.5 star for 2/14 in the Fort Lauderdale Downtown - Cruise Port - Convention Center (Rated 8.0 our of 10) that is available for $201. The amenities are · Pets Allowed · Fitness Center · Restaurant · No Smoking Rooms/Facilities · Free Internet · Indoor or Outdoor Pool I don't see a resort fee, so I think that eliminates the Element. I don't think the Riverside has a pool. SO, I'm not sure what to think it could be. Any help would be appreciated!
  7. Unfortunately, my trip was cancelled. Please close my request.
  8. Hello! I am looking of a hotel in downtown Chicago for 8/22-8/24. Using the BiddingHelper.com, I found a 3* in River North for $115. The amenities Include: Free internet, Fitness center, Business center and more... (90% recommended). The tool's "best guess" was the ACME. Do you agree? I'm open to ANY other suggestions. We're flying into Midway for a quick weekend, so we'll come into the City on the Orange Line. I don't want to be way north in the River North Zone, but I don't want to be too far South in the Theater District zone. I'm also seeing a 4.5 in Millennium Park for $124. that would only be a few block from the station. Do you think that hotel is the St. Jane? I'm also wondering at the 4* Millennium Park on Priceline Express. I see one for $99. The helper thinks that is the St. Jane, but I'm thrown off by the airport shuttle amenity.
  9. Now that you mention it, last year you recommended Best Bagel by our hotel (Crown Plaza HY). It was great and so handy! Do you have another "go to" breakfast and coffee stop closer to the Warwick?
  10. THANK YOU for your help! I used the link, and it was the Warwick!!
  11. I'm back! I'm now looking at a 4.5 in Rockefeller Center for $152. It has the following amenities: Restaurant, Fitness, Smoke Free, Hi-Speed Internet, Business, Blind Accessible, Deaf Accessible, Travel Accessible, Room Accessible, Bathroom Accessible, Handicapped Parking, Roll-in Shower. Hotwire is showing either the Warwick or the Omni. Do you have an idea which one is probably is? I'd like to read about it.
  12. I actually found it on Priceline first then used the Bidding Helper Tool, and they both showed it. I went back, and it's gone on both sites. Weird. Thanks for the false alarm help.
  13. Thank you. When I went back in to look at those hotels this am, I found a Priceline Express 3 star in Hells Kitchen Midtown West for $44 with and 8/10 rating. Is that a typo? The amenities are the following: Business Center Free Internet Free Breakfast Free Internet in room Fitness Center Free Internet in public areas I hate that area, but I'd be willing to do it if it was the Holiday Inn. What's your guess on the hotel for this one.
  14. I’m looking for a hotel for 5 night stay – 4/17 thru 4/22. I'm hoping you can help me narrow down these 2 hotels. 4* Gramercy Park – Nomad – Flatiron $177 that has the following amenity set: Boutique, Restaurant, Fitness, Smoke Free, Free Internet, Hi-Speed Internet, Pet Friendly. It has a 85% recommendation rate. The resort fee is $26/room. (The bidding helper narrowed this down to Ace Hotel New York, The Roger New York, Arlo Nomad, or the Freehand New York) However, I don't think that matches the number of Tripadvisor reviews for these properties. 4* Madison Square Garden $178 that has the following amenity set: Restaurant, Fitness, Smoke Free, Free Internet, Hi-Speed Internet, Business, Room Accessible, Bathroom Accessible, Roll-in Shower, Pet Friendly. It has a 95% recommendation rate. The resort fee is $34/room. (The bidding helper narrowed this down to a best guess of the Crowne Plaza HY36 Midtown. The board actually helped me to get this hotel last year! It’s very nice, but I’d prefer to be a little further south. I'm kind of hesitant due to the $34 resort fee.) I'm not against other districts if you see an outstanding property for those dates that you'd suggest. I just don't want to be in Times Square or further north than Times Square. I'd like to stay at around $200. I’m also comfortable with Priceline if there is a better deal there. THANKS IN ADVANCE
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