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  1. again used multiple bids with permutation method. Started at 61.00. Winning bid accepted at 85.00. Trip advisor says this is a great hotel. Valued at 179.00 through hotel.com
  2. it is the fairfield inn and suites, 2870 south ocean blvd, palm beach. i think that makes it in the palm beach zone. actually this is a 2.5 star property. I was doing bids on 2 stars, so they must have bumped me up, which is even better.
  3. wow! Did the permutation bidding thing, started at 28.00. Nine bids and rebids later, I got this property for 46.00. I looked it up on the internet and the retail cost for this room is 179.00. I got it at a super great price.!
  4. see previous post. My original attempt for downtown failed to 58.00, so I changed tactics and went for 2.5 South. Started at 44, was rejected but was offered another bid for 56. Instead I added Downtown as my free rebid and went for it at 46.00 - finally! Victory!
  5. tried many permutations and a total of 12 bids starting at 40.00. Used Mad South and Mad Southwest as free rebid zones
  6. used something like 50 rebids (every possible permutation - don't know what that is? check it out - it is the scientific way to make sure you get all the possible bid combinations). Started really low, the as I got more determined I went way past what I really wanted to spend, but I was getting stubborn. Was looking for something on the beach from Wed. to Sat. - how busy could they be midweek? Well, it turns out that it's Superbowl weekend! Ah-ha. That explains it.
  7. These are the 4 days just prior to the Superbowl in Miami. Hotwire has convertibles starting at $79.00 so I think this was a great deal. Total Rental Days: 4 days(3 days and 4 1/2 hours) Subtotal: $100.00 Taxes and Fees: $57.56 Total Charges: $157.56 Lowest Published Price: $416.35 Total Savings:* $258.79 (You saved 62%)
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