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  1. Just to make a note, there was absolutely zero commercial damage to Oahu from the quake, no roads affected, nothing at all. It was a very minor rumble on Oahu; the damage done was to the Big Island so if you have plans there then you should check with your hotel by calling them directly.
  2. Well I am Hhonor gold level and my recent priceline stays with Hilton have actually been -worse- when I presented my gold status card. On two seperate properties, the reservation desk threw back my card and demanded photo id, then gave me a lecture (loudly, so everyone could hear) on how priceline stays get nothing. I then received the absolute worst room on the lowest floor. I am through with Hilton and will avoid bidding on priceline zones that have a high chance of landing with them.
  3. For April 21-23. Tried $25 and $26, failed, then used free-rebid to $27 and got it!
  4. Been trying to get this one up to $125 for a long time with no success. Finally got my first bid of $106 today in Lower Manhattan, looks like inventory opened up. As I had expected, Hilton Millenium was the selected property. Just goes to show not to give up when you consistently fail at getting the rate you want. Hilton's direct pre-paid rate is $169 on their website. My dates are 3/26 to 3/29 and my rate was $106 * 3 plus $55.04 in taxes/fees.
  5. BUF (Buffalo Airport NY) $22 Economy car + $6.92 taxes/fees on 3/25 with return 3/26. Avis is the company selected on-airport. I tried lowballing lesser figures but had no success. I'm pleased as I couldn't get a rate remotely near this price the traditional way through any of the companies, regardless of what coupon codes I punched in.
  6. Stayed three nights at the Lake Las Vegas hotel in Henderson, which is on the outskirts of Las Vegas ,approximately 30 miles away from the main strip zone. Priceline rates this property as a Resort, which means there are resort fees to pay once you arrive at the hotel, $10/night in this case. My bid at this property was less than $50 a night thanks to a special coupon I used on priceline. And what an incredible deal it was at the price I paid. Hyatt's web site special showed room rates exceeding $180 for a single night, so I paid a third of that. As I mentioned, the hotel is located in Henderson, fronting Lake Las Vegas, a master planned upscale community, just minutes away from Lake Mead itself. Because it's so far from the main strip area of Las Vegas Blvd (where most of the hotels are), you may not want to stay here if it's your first or even second time in Las Vegas, especially if you're looking for some major gambling action -- it's just too darn far to commute on a daily basis. On average, it took me 30-35 minutes from the time I left my car at the Hyatt to the Strip area, add on another 10-15 minutes to find parking, then walk into a strip hotel, and you'll see a good 45 minutes go by. That makes it too exhausting to commute roundtrip more than once a day. But like I said, you don't come to the Hyatt just to go to the strip each day . There's a lot of recreation at the hotel itself. Two beautiful swimming pools on separate levels were available to guests until 8pm each night (in October). The lower pool is the activity pool, which also has an incredibly fun water slide going down into it. The upper pool is supposedly the "adult" pool. Both pools seldom had anyone in it while I was there. I could go on the water slide practically back and forth without any wait at all -- try doing that a strip a hotel! One can also opt to swim in the lake, as there is an artificial beach below the activity pool. The water looked too dirty for that though. Peddle boats and Kayaks can be rented from the recreation desk for fun on the lake. Golf is available at neighboring golf courses though I do not play so I have no comment on it. In addition, bicycles can be rented and actually ridden safely through the Lake Las Vegas community, thanks to low traffic and spacious roads/sidewalks. What an incredible place to relax! Service was great everywhere I went, from the check-in desk, to the maid service, and even the recreation desk made me feel very welcomed. I haven't had this kind of customer service at strip hotels, where often I'm greeted with a pissed off employee somewhere (Bellagio comes to mind). Food service is exclusively through the in-house cafe. You can either sit indoors or out, both of which have plenty of spacious seating, overlooking the Lake. I enjoyed breakfast there each morning as it was never crowded or noisy, with decent food. Another restaurant is open only for dinner but I did not dine there. A snack bar near the pool is also available. The room itself was nothing special but certainly not dissappointing. A refrigerator nicely tucked into the armoire was a nice touch High speed ethernet jacks are available for a fee. Bathroom was really small, I couldn't even use the sink without having to close the bathroom door as it was two inches away from the sink itself when swung open. Nonetheless, everything was clean, spotless, without a hint of anything feeing worn. Overall, i was quite satisfied with my stay. Like I mentioned, if you know well ahead that the Hyatt is far away from the strip and that's OK with you, then go ahead and stay here if you can get a good rate.
  7. I enjoyed my stay at the Hyatt, it was just incredible for the $27 a night I paid. I had a room in the south tower, 5th floor with an atrium view. I've heard a lot of horror stories about the south tower but it seems I got a renovated floor as everything looked new. Room itself was great, though bathroom was a bit small for my tastes. Service was great, everyone made me feel welcomed at all times. Ordered room service one night, food was amazingly good. Of course, overpriced, but that's to be expected of any hotel dining. Definitely too far to walk to disneyland, even for someone who is in decent physical condition probably wouldn't want to do it as it's at least 1.5 miles one way though probably more like 2 miles through non-scenic areas. Considering you'll be on your feet all day at the park it's not something I would recommend. They do have a shuttle that runs every half hour. Self-Parking came in at $12 a night with in-out privs. Lot is just off the rear entrance and secured 24 hours. Only thing I was peeved about is how the lot would fill up at night during conventions held by the hotel. In these cases I had to park waaaay in the back. Hotel guests should have priority parking for the money they are spending to park there each night, as in the morning the front of the lot becomes totally empty.
  8. Just wanted to stay somewhere for new years eve in Waikiki, so I went bidding with my bonus money ($10 -- sent by email via priceline spam). Finally took my bait at $60, I'm very happy with the result. This is a nice hotel right smack middle in Waikiki.
  9. Really tried to lowball this one, squeezing every last dollar to maximize the bonus money ($10 -- emailed to priceline customers)before it expired. Finally got accepted at $27 a night. I'm quite pleased.
  10. Sweet deal on this hotel, especially since one night is a saturday (weekend) rate. $10 bonus was sent by mass emails to priceline customers that expires 7/31.
  11. Rumproast pretty much summed everything up. I'll just add that if you can get a good rate here you shouldn't hesitate to consider a stay, especially if you plan on having a rental car. Even though it's a few miles off strip, access is very quick just off the freeway. Combine that with a parking lot just a few feet from the lobby, you can be in your room in no time. Only negative I would give is the window AC unit was a bit loud for my tastes, even while on low setting, although it certainly had no trouble keeping the room frigid even in the 115 degree heat!
  12. I do fine with multiple accounts by just a) using unique cc number (citibank in this case), :) using different email addresses (no brainer here), and c) clear your cookies. It seems that if you have problems and did a and b, your likely culprit is you haven't fully cleared your cookies. I like to use a separate browser for this, an older version of netscape in my case, so it's easy for me to just delete the cookie files manually from its directory. And I do all this on the same connection, so IP addresses is not a factor at all.
  13. Weekend rate plan if using conventional booking so high prices everywhere.
  14. A late reply, but as a resident of Honolulu I'll tell you that the executive center is in downtown Honolulu, the financial district. It's within walking distance to chinatown and the city skyscrapers, so it's a good choice if on a business trip. This area is totally dead after sunset on weekdays and all weekends and holidays. Not really a dangerous area after nightfall, but you'll see more of the homeless popping out for the night. Though near frequent bus lines to Waikiki and elsewhere, it wouldn't be my first choice for a vacation stay.
  15. Showed up as 4* with amenities popup showing: casino, restaurant, pool, fitness, high speed internet, businessc, golf nearby, tennis nearby, spa
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