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  1. Second half of a split bid for a 7 day visit. First half scored the Hotel Palomar (4* for $99). The Marriot Wardman is located 1.6 miles by car from the Hotel Palomar. PRICELINE would not allow me to put in for the full 5 days since I had tried yesterday. Instead I bid for 6/15 to 6/18 and then extended the reservation an extra 2 days for the same price through PRICELINE. The bids went as follows: 1st bid: 4*...$80 Whitehouse Downtown 2nd bid: 4*...$90 Convention Center Capitol Hill 3rd bid: 4*...$100 Dupont Circle 4th bid: 3.5*...$90 - SCORE.
  2. Split bid. Now have the first two days of visit covered. In DC, weekend rates are drastically cheaper so splitting the bid made sense. Bid 4 star only. First bid: $79 White House Downtown Second bid: $89 Convention Center Capitol Hill Third bid: $99 Dupont Circle Woodley - SCORE!
  3. I appreciate the links. Yes, I have been bidding. Just finished without any luck. The dates are 6/13 to 6/20. After researching this forum, my bids were for a 4 star only. My maximum bid will eventually be $120 but I think it is too soon to go that high. The bids were as follows: 1st: $80 White House Downtown 2nd: $85 Convention Center Capitol Hill 3rd: $90 Dupont Circle 4th: $95 Springfield (no 4 star properties) 5th: $100 Suburbs North (no 4 star properties) 6th: $105 Crystal City (no 4 star properties)
  4. We are going to be in DC for a week in June. I have had great luck using Priceline in the past for one or two night stays but never for any longer than that. Is it possible to bid for 7 nights? As anyone ever done it successfully?
  5. First bid....accepted 4* for $60! Based the bid on what others had bid. Am curious if I could have started lower.
  6. Misery loves company. I have been bidding for a 4 star in dt Vancouver for months without any luck. We won't be there until June 18-19 but it is still very frustrating. I have a cancellable back up but would love to stay at the Sheraton Wall Centre for about $80 bucks. Your post made me feel better.
  7. Scored two rooms at the Hyatt Downtown for $90/each on Good Friday (4/6/07). I bet I could have gotten it for $85 but I was careless and jumped the bid 10 dollars thinking I wasn't going to get it. I have been bidding Miami for the above date every Saturday for months. 1st bid Downtown...$60 2nd rebid Miami Lakes...$65 3rd rebid Miami North...$75 4th rebid Miami north Miami Beach...$80 5th rebid Miami Southwest...$90....SCORE!!!! It looks like $85 would have won it! Hyatt Regency Downtown 400 S E Second Avenue Miami, Florida 33131 Total charges Two rooms= $180.00 taxes 33.36 Total $213.36
  8. Here is the detailed info: Started out bidding $80 for a 4* in the Capital Hill - Convention Center zone (rejected), rebid $85 adding White House(rejected), then rebid $90 adding Crystal City(rejected..no 4*!), rebid $95 adding Dupont Circle and got the Grand Hyatt in the zone I wanted. Cool! Check-In Date: Sat, Jul 2, 2005 Check-In Time: After 03:00 PM Check-Out Date: Tue, Jul 5, 2005 Check-Out Time: 12:00 PM Your Offer Price: $95.00 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 3 Subtotal: $285.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $49.77 Total Charges: $334.77
  9. Scored the Grand Hyatt after what seemed like a thousand rebids. Not a bad rate for the July 4th weekend.
  10. Thanks a bunch. I didn't see any 5* properties listed!
  11. What hotel in Vancouver West is a 5 star near a golf course? The amenities list says the property is near a golf course. I have looked at every hotel and can't find one that is described being near some links. Could this possibly be the Westin Bayshore (which is listed as a 4.5 star)? Help!!!!!!!!!!!
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