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  1. With just over a weeks notice I was able to book two rooms for 100/night without tax, with tax and fees it was 353.19 for 3 nights or 117.73/night. I feel ok about this deal as hotels seem to have a higfh occupancy at this time. The hotel is sold out for these dates currently. They also wanted to stay in this area ONLY as there was a wedding plan so this limited me on biding.
  2. Topping. did you find a place. the lottery is next week! RR
  3. Only 4 star and 2.5 star show up on the list while priceline now shows all classes available. RR
  4. Did you try? I am waiting for my lottery spot, it's going to be tough as I read there are only about 7500 of them.
  5. Hi, One night March 20th out 21st, the day of the Marathon is the 21st.
  6. I live in L.A. but the marathon is tough logistically starting in Dodger Stadium and going to Santa Monica. Not wanting to deal with crowds in the first new course year to Santa Monica I may stay downtown. Help Identify Downtown 4 star- 113 dollars Bed choice,Smoke Free,Fitness,Pool,Restaurant,business center, High speed Internet
  7. Again I have stayed at some very nice 1-2 star places. Nothing like a youth Hostel at all! very comfortable,clean. Obviously check reviews that is a given at any star level. I only stay at group rooms when hiking in the alps when no other rooms are available. RR
  8. I wonder if he would have got the same result if he used the free bids in NYc for 4*?
  9. I am assuming you mean mainline Venice.The map on Hotwire and Priceline both include all the main districts of Venice including Dorosoduro, but not the Lido or mestre which is the Mainland. I DO NOT suggest you stay in Mestre or the Lido. Not on a short stay, maybe if you had a week. I promise you will want to spend time centrally. For some dates (not helping you) Hotwire is offerning what appears to be the Hilton Molino stucky a 5* hotel for 139 dollars/night! But the matches on your dates are not too helpful (hard to tell what you are getting) One strategy is to bid up to your limit for an unknown on priceline, and maybe if you don't get it go for something else, see below. I've been to Venice 4 times and I am going again in September. I can recommend a place booked direct for about your budget, great location etc. I am staying there myself this September in a large room with a window on the Grand Canal, "my room" is 180/night, but others are less on the same property. Great location by the accademia bridge. It comes highly recommended by people I trust who post on an italy board (I'm up to nearly 7500 posts now)
  10. You could start the bids at $95 and increase the bids by 5 dollars using the 5 free bids you will reach 120/night.
  11. I assume you put 4 stars as your level? Great- I would in Many ways like to stay at the Empire next November for the Marathon. It is so close to the finish. I'm torn between that ,just staying midtown all stay, or midtown then switching to CPW for our final 2 days. Much will depend on what I hear about the transport to the start.
  12. In my opinion the best bargains currently happening are in Midtown east 4 star where many people end up with the Grand Hyatt for under 120 (100-120). In Central Park south 4 star a few have won the the Parker Meridien for 120/night. One strategy would be decide which of those properties would be ideal and use the free bid strategy. Given you may get another property, but in this class I think all are acceptable. To try and get the hyatt (alternatives in this class are also nice) I would start at 90/night and use free bids increasing by 5 dollars. Last time I tried there were 5 free bids for 4 stars. You could also put all the acceptable zones, but I am not sure there would be free bids with that, so you may have to wait 24 hrs between bids.
  13. With a budget of 2000 dollars for the 4 people (if I understand you correctly) it might be possible to get 4 rooms!
  14. It's too far out to get a quote from Hotwire or Priceline. My opinion if you bid 120 for 4* CPS on Priceline you may end up with the Parker Maridien. In MTE for 110-120 4* maybe the Grand Hyatt. To me these are the best bargain wins 4* for similar dates this year. But for one year from now who knows. As you know you will prepay and you commit before knowing exactly which hotel you will get. Have you used the "free bid" strategy before? Today you have 5 free bids when you first select CPS 4*. (you need to confirm what the status of this is before attempting) You will need to wait a few weeks before you can book these dates. My strategy would depend on which location is your first choice. According to Priceline rules rooms are suitable for two people.But there is no guarantee of two queen beds. In a 4* it seems more likely that you get that vs. twin.
  15. It is somewhat dependant on the specific property. Star levels in Europe are on a completely differnt criteria than the US. It is based on what amenities a proerty has ONLY. So it could be 4 star and crappy, or one star and very nice. A one star will have no restaurant,elevator, etc. But can be very clean and comfortable. I have stayed in many one stars that were like a 3 star here in the US.
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