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  1. Wanted to stay in Flagstaff Valentines Day for 2 nights to incorporate a trip to Grand Canyon. I originally bid $55 for 3* but was rejected. Waited 24 hours, dropped star rating to 2.5* and bid $50. Was rejected but message said that a hotel in my star level was available in Flagstaff if I increased my bid to $60. I waited another 24 hours and bid $55 and won La Quinta Inn and Suites. I used the PRICELINE link at the top of the page. PS - La Quinta is actually listed as a 2* hotel in the Hotel List but came up as a 2.5*
  2. I just bid $55 for 3* Flagstaff for 2 nights Feb 14th/16th and was rejected, so sounds like you got a good deal!
  3. Won on first bid of $55 - best rate on hotel web site for same dates $162 per night - very happy! Price for 3 nights $165 + $28.44 taxes and fees for total of $193.44 Used PRICELINE link at top of page
  4. 3* Seattle (Renton-Kent) Holiday Inn Renton $42 07/24-07/26 First bid at $40 rejected and said to increase bid to $50 Added Kirkland for free re-bid $42 second bid accepted Used PRICELINE link above
  5. Won first time and I apologize for not using PRICELINE link - just joined the forum and I am just finding my way around the site.