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  1. Hey Thereuare, ended up doing the PRICELINE EXPRESS deal on this one. The wife made the choice. Got Westgate Lakes Resort even though the Hotel List updated 2 days ago was Rosen Plaza as the 4* Express deal for Pointe Orlando. Thanks again for everything
  2. Ok thanks. I will process to the other two 4* areas. It doesn’t look good tho. I doubt i will score anything below $90 i even tried the 3.5* from $40-60 with nothing to show for it in 2011 Nov, I did a $45/nite bid on Wyndham which was awesome. Those days are gone lol
  3. I tried re-bidding on Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Orlando Intl Drive North upto $85 with no dice. I was going to try Intl Drive South - Sea World & Intl Drive - Convention Center - Sea World but the there is a huge resort fee of $91 - $118 for the 3 days. Is this normal to appear on NYOP? I never noticed it before in past bids years ago.
  4. Yea i didn't include Pointe Orlando cuz we dont like the hotel selection in that area
  5. My apologizes, I just re-read the re-bid process (I forgot how it worked). It would be #2 4* upto $90 if rejected 3.5* upto 70. I hope I make sense.
  6. So would this be right if I approach the bidding? $40 3.5* Universal Orlando Area - Intl Drive North If rejected, add and rebid +$5 ($45) 3.5* Intl Drive Convention Center - Sea World If rejected, add and rebid +$5 ($50) 4* Intl Drive Convention Center - Sea World If rejected, add and rebid +$5 ($55) 4* Intl Drive South - Sea World If rejected, add and rebid +$5 ($60) 4* Universal Orlando Resort Area Or start at 4* and work my way down to 3.5*?
  7. Thereuare, thank you so far for doing some searches for me. I dug into the hotel list for Priceline for NYOP and was wondering how accurate is this list? I might start a bid at $40 and move up $5 wait another 24hrs go a second round at $5 increments to $75. I will probably go no higher than $80 bid since the wife is willing to settle on the 3.5* Four Points by Sheraton Orlando International Drive on the Express Deal Priceline for $76/nite (btw, the link for this Express Deal doesn't show up when clicked on) So what would be the game plan based on the list? Universal Orlando Area - Intl Drive North 3.5* Four Points by Sheraton Orlando Wyndham Orlando Resort Intl Drive Convention Center - Sea World 3.5* Doubletree By Hilton Orlando at Seaworld Intl Drive Convention Center - Sea World 4* Hilton Orlando Las Palmeras by Hilton Grand Vacations Renaissance Orlando at Seaworld Rosen Center Hotel Intl Drive South - Sea World 4* JW Marriott Orlando Grande Lakes Marriotts Grande Vista Sheraton Vistana Villages Resort Villas Universal Orlando Resort Area 4* Doubletree Hotel at The Entrance to Universal Universals Loews Portofino Bay Hotel
  8. Hey Thereuare, I have access to the area map (cant live without it if I am doing NYOP). I see what you were saying about finding it on the site as they have hid it. Is there any other hotels in the other two areas within my price range (Universal Orlando Resort Area (Area Map 21) & Intl. Drive - Convention Center - Sea World (Area Map 10))? Reviews for Sheraton Vistana Villages Resort Villas looks good and that might be my choice. If I decide on Vistana, is this a Express deal or NYOP? <<<<< EDIT: I answered my own question, it is EXPRESS DEAL. What would it be for NYOP?
  9. I just fired off a $1 bid with Ratedrop to start. It says the median is around $114. Is that close to being correct? If so, I can kiss my budget of $80-90/night goodbye
  10. It has been a long time since I have visited this site for a priceline deal (2014). I did Name your price back in 2011 for Orlando for a Wyndham Orlando hotel for $45USD/night (which was a steal). It was rated as a 3.5-4* at the time which really was closer to a low 3*. This time around I want to get something closer to a 4* @ $80 - $90 USD / night between Feb 26 - Mar 1 2019. This is really a last minute trip so I am tight for time but re-bid might help with all the areas that I can pick. Has anyone stayed around the Disney area (surrounding area not directly within) and if so, what have you gotten on name your own price on Priceline? Also, I will be getting a car rental so travelling wont be an issue and it can be further out from Disney area Aaron or Thereuare, any suggestions around this price for 4* for my price range. Also want to use your link for Priceline Intl. Drive - Convention Center - Sea World (Area Map 10) Intl. Drive - Pointe Orlando (Area Map 11) Intl. Drive South - Sea World (Area Map 12) Universal Orlando Area - Intl. Drive North (Area Map 20) Universal Orlando Resort Area (Area Map 21) Thanks in advance everyone! EDIT: will BBFEB19 work for Name your own price?
  11. Yea, I was shocked since I could find any with a winning bid for this place in the past month. So I was expecting Marriott in Schaumburg with the re-bid but Hyatt showed up and I was like YAY
  12. Saw someone get a 4* Hyatt Lisle around the same travel period so I bid $55 for 4* in Chicago Suburbs - Lisle and failed. Added Schaumburg since the 4* in Schaumburg are relatively good. So I up'd the bid to $60 in the re-bid and got the Hyatt Regency Schaumburg from Feb 17 to 20. Saved 50% give or take. Thanks BB, and I have to say I am very sorry MOD cuz I forgot to use the link and realized it after i went through the re-bid.
  13. Based on the Priceline and Hotwire Calendar of Wins for my dates, I am willing to bid upto $130 a night for a 4* in jersey city. I only want zone 1 (4*) I don't want to bid for a 3.5*. I want to avoid that with rebidding. As long as I have 4* selected no matter what additional zones I add, it will never change right?
  14. Sorry thereuare, you are right, Rutherford does have a 3.5*. I actually miss typed that. As of this post I am pass the 24 hr rebid so I can rebid using only Zone 1 (jersey city) 4*. but if i get rejected again, all i need to do is add Zone 2 (Rutherford) and keep 4* selected and rebid. If I get rejected again I can add Zone 3 (Newark) or Zone 6 (Short hills) since it starts at 3* and rebid. If i am reject again then i SOL becuase there is no other zones that start below 3 stars. Am I on the right track?
  15. Zone 1 (Jersey City) has 4,3,2 stars Zone 2 (Meadowland - Rutherford) has 3,2 stars
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