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  1. As part of my annual birthday present to myself; I give myself a mini vacation away from insanity. So, on that note; I won a lovely 4 night stay at the Holiday Inn And Suites Anaheim for a rate of $36/night from 1/30/11 - 2/3/11 (Birthday is 2/01 and I will be in LA trying my luck again to go on The Price is Right) Happy thanksgiving everyone :)
  2. I stayed there about a month ago as part of my spring break, and to hopefully see if I'll hear those magical words "Squall, Come on Down, you're the next contestant o the price is right" but all i heard was Losing Horns, Anyhow, like the above poster said, the lobby was simply beautiful and had a really good clean / professional feel to it. From the minute i got there, they had guys opening the door, and giving me a hand with my luggage at least to the checkout stand (I caught a cab from Union Station since it was hard to gauge on a map how far it was and the cost; and with a tip it still ave
  3. Well just thought i'd share this information with you guys; i've just been busy with a few things that i forgot to sum up my trips; which I will do so in a minute under the review section. I just wanted to share with you guys that if you want to see me on THe Price is Right (although i didn't get picked after being in line since 2:30 AM for a 12:20 PM taping on 3/31/10; I'll be one row behind the green podium, and the person directly in front of me is going to be some girl with glasses, red hair, and a blue shirt. I was wearing a gray shirt with a light gray jacket. The episode airs this thur
  4. If i might make a suggestion; you could always try the fun of PRICELINE and name your own price....; I recently received the Marriott Anaheim Suites for $50/night. (3.5*).
  5. It better be optional.......and the beauty of me is that i don't drive; so i don't need parking :) That parking fee is going to pretty much cover my two-three days of transportation)
  6. Yesterday i booked a room at the marriott suites in Garden Grove; and to my surprise......and after reading reviews from various people; i learned that they too offer this resort fee. From how i read it, others make it seemed forced but, from their official website it says: "Guest Rooms: Wired* *Wired-for-Business For a daily rate of 12.95 USD, the following features are available in your guest room: 1. High-speed Internet access 2. Unlimited local phone calls 3. Unlimited long distance calls (within the country), not available in all markets Prices may vary in a few markets." So IF
  7. Marriott Anaheim suites for $50 (my dumb-self forgot to select the garden grove zone the first time and i did both add zone and upped bidding; as i know i could have gotten it for a couple bucks cheaper; but its all water under the bridge Once again, thank you for all of your help; and if i can; i want to post pictures and do a review. (Let's just hope the Ducks win that Friday vs. Vancouver)
  8. You're right about the two zones that offer 3 stars. For some strange reason when i did my zone click check; i didnt see the 3* link highlighted (or who knows; my eyes could have been playing tricks on me) according to the email I recieved through priceline; my 24 hour clock begins in about 10 minutes. So i'll try everything as suggested.
  9. Honestly; i was triyng to see if i could snag the same rates i placed for similar resorts during my previous two stays. Preferably if i can get a 3.5 star for $55-60 or a 3 star from $40-55 it would be awesome. I'll probably place a bid when i get in from school this evening. (This is a person strategy note; you guys can use it to help if needed) Zones 1(anaheim hills) and 11 (Seal beach) do not offer 3.5* Zones 8 (Laguna Beach) and 9 (Laguna Hills - mission Viejo) don't even offer 3*
  10. I know my way around the city pretty well; So i am comfortable staying in either. Figuring most of the hotels in the Disneyland area are connected by an ART shuttle, or within reasonable distance of one; its all gravy to me.
  11. As some of u know, i recently went through a battle with priceline over a two day trip to Los ANgeles mainly so i can see the price is right. Now I want to add to my vacation and spend two days in Anaheim. Using my two previous successes from this year and last; i tried to bid the following: 3.5* Orange-Garden Grove $41 (last year i scored the Hyatt) = Miss Add 3* and Disneyland-anaheim $35 (scored the Holiday Inn two months ago) = Miss Unless anyone has an idea, I think i'll just try the same thing tomorrow; but increase my bid to $45 and if that misses, decrease star rating, if that misses
  12. I just recently snagged the Kyoto Grand Hotel (3* for $55/night which became about $122ish with fees); but I i know its in the ball park according to the hotels website; but if you want to look it up for more information; be my guest. I highly recommend using Google Earth / maps to figure out locations of things.
  13. Thank you guys for the help; and lets just say that if I win......you guys win :)
  14. $50 3*/downtown= rejected $55..added beverly hills / west hollywood = won Kyoto Grand Hotel located about 1.4 miles from Union Station. $122 with taxes and fees.
  15. will bid when i wake up in the morning maximum limit $60 minimum star rating: 3 and it looks like i'll be confining my bid to the downtown area.
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