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  1. Thanks for the helpful thread! I'm looking at a 5-star in Notting Hill-Paddington (90% reviews) for $207 right now. I will update after I make a decision and let you know if it's indeed the Royal Lancaster.
  2. It is, indeed, the Westin Crystal City. Thanks for the helpful opinion. The Metro stop right outside the door is a real plus.
  3. I'm looking at a 4-star hotel in Crystal City/Reagan National Airport (outside of Washington, DC) for 3 nights -- June 17-20. The rate is $161 a night on Hotwire. It's 90% recommended by guests, and has these amenities: Airport shuttle / Boutique hotel / Business center / Fitness center / Golf nearby / Internet access / Pet friendly / Restaurant(s) / Smoke-free rooms The only 4-star hotel in the Better Bidding listings for Crystal City is the Westin. But the amenities don't seem to match. Could I be missing something, or could this be one of the 3.5 star hotels instead?
  4. Made this bid hoping for the Renaissance Warehouse district, which has identical amenties: indoor/outdoor pool, restaurant, free wifi, smoke-free rooms, fitness center. This is rather a boring selection for New Orleans, and a little farther from the action. But a decent price for five nights, including a weekend.
  5. Hotwire win at $180 turns out to be the Hotel Sentinel in downtown Portland. Amenities: "Free Internet, Pet friendly, Smoke-free rooms, Fitness center, Restaurant(s), Business center, Internet access, Golf nearby" As an aside: Several downtown Portland hotels list "golf" as an amenity, which is a little weird: there are no courses nearby in downtown Portland. Plenty of courses 4-5 miles away, but... that's true almost anywhere. I don't think it's much help in figuring out which hotel is which.
  6. I'm pretty sure the amenities were Pets Allowed, Restaurant, Business Center. Also "bed choice available" and yes, non-smoking rooms. It also did for sure have a 7+ guest rating on Priceline Express's system. Just FYI, recent commentors on TripAdvisor say that there is no longer a restaurant after renovations (which are currently ongoing -- elevators not in service, etc.). I'm just so bummed about this result; it's kinda ruining my plans already. Priceline's Union Square East map has a little panhandle that snakes down Powell St, presumably to include this specific hotel. That's just a miserable noisy spot.
  7. Wait: I just double-checked and it *is* listed on the Union Square East list. That makes it even worse. A hideous choice, and I'm truly to blame.
  8. I took a chance and got truly burned: the Villa Florence hotel in Union Square East. Deeply disappointed in this Priceline Express result; it's on Powell Street, just a block or so from the Cable Car turnaround. I know that area, and it's noisy and crowded with tourists. Just terrible. Not that I blame Better Bidding, but it was not one of the choices listed under Union Square East and 4 stars. I should have paid the extra $100 for the Financial District instead. Ugh! Really puts a damper on my trip.
  9. My 3-star hotel in Sunnyvale, CA ("Free parking, Free breakfast, Free Internet, Pet friendly, Smoke-free rooms, Pool(s), Business center, Internet access") turned out to be THE GRAND HOTEL. This is fine, but it was *not* listed on the BetterBidding list of options for Sunnyvale (or nearby Santa Clara or Mountain View either). Hotwire told me "The last person got The Maple Tree Inn," so once again that bit of information didn't prove reliable. This looks like an OK place -- and it's a good rate during Fleet Week -- but it was unexpected.
  10. Thanks! The list of amenities was an exact match, and it is indeed the Hyatt Regency Chicago. Perfectly happy with this deal, appreciate the help. One hassle: With Bidding Helper I first used the Easy View, and it would absolutely not let me check out. It kept giving me the address/phone/trip insurance screen over and over, with red stars that indicated "required field" -- yet I had already filled in all those fields. Very frustrating. I finally backed out, went through the whole thing again and chose regular Hotwire instead of Easy View, and then was able to check out right away.
  11. Hi Friends, I'm looking at a 4* hotel for Chicago, Illinois on June 6-8, 2017. The room is listed as $109/night and has a 95% good rating from Hotwire users. Amenities: Free Internet, Smoke-free rooms, Fitness center, Restaurant(s), Business center, Self-service laundry, Golf nearby, Accessible path of travel Problem: I don't see a "Riverwalk - North Loop" entry on Better Bidding. (There is River North, but that's a different district.) So I can't try to figure out what this is. The Hotwire page does say, "The last person got the Hard Rock Hotel." Any ideas? Thanks for the help.
  12. This hotel, as expected from BetterBidding, turned out to be the Innside New York Nomad. It's a stretch to call West 27th at 6th Avenue "Chelsea," but otherwise it looks like a good hotel. $240/night actually = $297/night after taxes and fees, and that such isn't a screaming good deal. Is it just me or did the fees go up from Priceline and Hotwire? Are they making us pay their cut now? In any case, thanks for the info, BetterBidding.
  13. By the way, between the time we booked and the time we stayed, this hotel changed names. As of May 1st or so, this is now the Walker Hotel Greenwich Village.
  14. This turned out to be the hotel the Better Bidding guru thought: the Jade Hotel NYC. (Thanks!) Reviews are good but not great, but the price was pretty reasonable for this (apparently) very expensive weekend in NYC. I waited about 10 days to actually commit, during which time the room rates went up from $301/night to $318/night. I used PRICELINE EXPRESS (using the BB link, of course!). I chose the 4-star hotel and it was, indeed, the Jade NYC, at $318/night. I waited about 10 days to make sure of my dates, so I don't really regret the rise in price from the original $301. The Dream NYC looks pleasant enough, but its reputation as a party hotel put me off. $318/night was more than I was expecting to pay, but this seems to be a very expensive weekend in NYC; whether that's the start of tourist season or college graduations or whatever.
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