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  1. Using the PRICELINE link and the Priceline Maps from this site, I got the Towneplace suites which I was ECSTATIC about. Original reservation was for 1 night, then I extended it. I got this on my 1st try bidding in Minneapolis West. Tried to bid again the next day and ended up with something else. But I was smart and only bought food that I could prepare in 2 or 3 meals. However, as I mentioned in my other priceline hotel can be very tricky to get this one. There's another 2 star in the same region. Also, you never know if you're going to get bumped (then again, I don't think you get bumped to a 3.5 star if you bid a 2 star?). That'd just be too big of a disparity I'd think.
  2. This is a 2 start version of Hampton Inn. No pool or anything, but still a pretty decent place. Usually Hampton Inns are 2.5 star rating on PL. This hotel is not listed on PL maps. But also have not seen of anyone winning it either. It says 'Minneapolis West/Minnetonka but it's only 1 freeway (163) west of the 100 freeway. However, it is still in the Minneapolis West area. I was trying to stay in another 2 star hotel in the area, so you can imagine my surprise when I ended up with this. Should probably add this soone. I used the PRICELINE link on this site to book it.
  3. This is the nicest courtyards I've stayed at so far. Looks brand new, spacious even with 2 doubles and comes with a fridge. Only drawback is I didn't want to be this far north so I was a bit disappointed but the room itself made up for it. I used the PRICELINE link at the top of this forum
  4. I meant to bring this up earlier, but the other week I think I had clued in on something. I was arguing with one of the representatives about an incendental hold being mandatory at a particular hotel. I had wondered if it would have been possible to switch hotels had I not had the extra money to put on hold (the hotel wanted $50 on a debit card for a 2 star hotel. In most cities, a 2 star would have been a extended stay/homestead. So had I not had the money, I would not have been able to check in to the hotel). So I told him, "whenever I check into a hotel, they have a credit card FROM PRICELINE on file that they swipe to pay for the room". I smartly told him, "why not the hotel use THAT credit card to put the incidental hold on. Then, I dug deeper and said, "so, if they are swiping priceline's credit card to check me in, how much is that hotel charging priceline? The guy from priceline couldn't even give me an answer. He wouldn't........give me an answer. So that makes me wonder, who's REALLY naming the price, us or the hotel? And how much is the hotel charging priceline? I also said, "from what it seems...the hotel can be charging all they want...probabaly full price, but treat us as if we are paying less.
  5. I think I have come to the conclusion that I have lost my mind from being on the road for 3 months: Yesterday, when I was pulling my suitcase out of the trunk...somehow I dropped like 15 pieces of clothing with underwear, all of my socks shirts, sweater...onto the parking lot pavement because I'd forgotten to completely zip the bag, and did not even realize I did it until this morning when I noticed I had some clothing missing. Like, ALOT of clothing missing. So I go to the front desk of the hotel and they had my clothing in a large blue bag...but Im still missing a shirt and a sweater that I'd just purchased. I think I need to get medical treatment
  6. Im starting to feel that its pointless to even go for hotels with free breakfast anymore, and do much better off in a suite where I can make my own breakfast. Some hotels like the Hampton Inn and anything about a 2 star usually serve breakfast until 10 am or even 11 am. But lately I've been at 2 stars and miss breakfast nearly everytime because it ends at 9 am. And then, you wake up early just to get pastries and hard boiled eggs. Its like, not everyone wakes up before 9 am...and when I was at the Hampton Inn breakfast was served until 10 am, and they wouldn't even start cleaning til 10 min. after. That extra hour allowed me to get to breakfast 4 mornings in a row...and it was hot breakfast with meat and everything. I just get so sick of these hotels ending breakfast at 9 am, and then lock everything up. I feel like Im back in High School or something..they treat adults like High School students and thats sad. I mean, I know its free breakfast, but free doesn't seem worth it most times. I might as well stay at a Mariott and go to Denny's if I want to save money because thats what I end up doing anyhow
  7. So, I was saying that although I enjoy getting priceline/hotwire deals and Im not complaining because we do pay less....but Im also wondering how we can bid on hotels and get something besides the standard double bed with no micro/fridge. Most hotels always stick me with the most basic room in the house, but since I travel constantly, I prefer a room with 1 king bed and a microfridge. Some hotels make a big fuss about it and say, "well what you booked online was for this room" (not like I actually was able to bid on a room with a fridge and 1 king bed :) Most times the hotel grants my request, and the front desk clerks at many have been very helpful and have been given better rooms if I had issues with the 1st one they checked me into. But when I stay in a popular area (midtown/uptown) of town and also the Courtyard Mariott is notorious for giving you basic with no fridge (although I've gotten lucky there too). But with all that, it gets annoying to have to keep switching rooms because the 1st one they gave me did not accomodate my needs. Like, HELLO...I have a cooler FILLED with food, I need a fridge. I do recall once I booked a 1 star in western Colorado at the Best Value Inn...and for $45 I got a huge executive suite. But I consider that luck as usually they bump you to a higher level. I just wish hotels made their rooms all the same like the Springhill Suites (which I've never won a bid from, only booked directly).
  8. Yeah I thought it was a Mariott too lol...but I looked at the website prior to booking. I know for a fact courtyard never advertises itself as a 2 star...not with that expensive breakfast and 4.50 bottle of heinekens
  9. I am beginning to get the jist of this 3rd party billing thing. The best deals come when you book hotels that are 2.5 stars and up... Today, I checked into a comfort Inn. Althought the switched the default smoking room that Priceline stuck me with (Im not a smoker, what the hell?) and gave me 1 king bed, the room was INFESTED with roaches. One on the bathroom sink and another crawled on my foot. I became hysterical and told the front desk person I wanted a different HOTEL immediately. I packed my shit in no time flat. There's nothing in the world Im more afraid of than roaches. If I see 1 my skin crawls. To have 1 crawl on my foot pretty much had me jumping everytime my clothes rubbed against my skin. She instead switched me to the other side of the hotel, which was nicer, newer and had a microfridge. So far, after frantically searching I've found no roaches (and hopefully non have crawled in my bag, as I'd be hardpressed to transfer the demons into my car OR any other hotel OR my new apartment OR this room Im currently in...GROOSSSS!!). I have stayed in 1 star hotels before and never seen a roach, so its shocking to see that here. They wont hesistate to stick you in the crappiest room they've got...but I am not the type to just accept any old room. You're less likely to run into that with the higher star level hotels. But I just dont like having to pay for everything in the higher end hotels. $18 for a half-decent breakfast?
  10. Last night I checked into a hotel, and this afternoon after checkup I realized my laptop charger was missing. My heart sank. I flew back to the hotel frantically asking for my charger. Apparently it was no where to be found. The same guest who happened to had checked in after me was coincidentally downstairs, and she made some smirk comment and then says she just plugged hers in. So, not only am I majorly frustrated at the hotel housekeeping taking sh*t all the time (overtime I've lost jewelry, medicine, and now my $80 laptop charger). Im done with tipping. Why tip when if I forget something, I'll never see it again? My sh*t costs more than the nightly stay at the room. Now, they wouldn't like it if I started taking out little things here and iron here, a lightblub there...a pillow, a coffee maker :) I may just start doing that to make up for the losses
  11. The hotels in Las Vegas make the place even worse than what it already is. A $100 deposit, are you kidding me? for a $19 a night room? There was a Baymont Inn I went to before and I arrived at about 4 or 5 am. The guy at the desk said that if I came back at 7 am, I'd be able to check out at 11 am the next day. Unfortunently I was so sleepy, and didn't take up on the offer...but some places dont mind.
  12. I checked into a Candlewood suites property earlier today, and it took 3 trips and several calls to the bank to get into my room. For one, the 'operations manager' was on duty this afternoon. She refused to accept a cash deposit like most hotels do ( I have a maxed credit card and cant get another one, plus banks hold funds for too long. holding $50 for 5-7 days everytime I check into a room is too much). In fact, the last Candlewood I stayed at did not even have a policy to hold funds, just a card imprint. I left to go make a deposit on my temp. card. Then, she wouldn't accept my temporary bank card because my name wasn't on it and my bank is out of state so I cant make deposits on that card. I told her to call and verify with the bank that the card was mine. She wouldn't do it. I asked for a supervisor...she was the supervisor :) So, I go, transfer funds from my temporary card to the bank card with my name on it for $4.95. I get there, card is declined. What? The money is ON the card! I reply. She tried it again and it declined again. I get back on the phone with my temp. card bank and the funds are clearly on there. Apparently the bozo b!tch charged the card $25 for 1 night stay...but she says it was declined. Then, as Im on the phone in the car, she walks out and says, "ok, it actually went thru now." I believe it was pure discimination (against a priceline customer), and I also called her manager up to the desk. She made a comment about priceline customers and also mentioned credit card fraud in the New Mexico area. That a temporary card has no security (bullshit as VISA/Mastercard protects unauthorized transactions) My response was, "this is ridiculous, I have NEVER had an issue paying cash for incidentals with one, and $50 wouldn't even cover crap if you're so damn worried about me breaking or taking anything. In addition, the Doubletree in Texas had no problem taking the temporary card...and thats a place that actually does have room service and a menu to order off of :) I'm just getting so fed up with the select few hotels who give us "3rd party customers' a hard time. This hotel is definently getting trashed on tripadvisor and here too.
  13. I cant see why someone from a "3rd party billing' site would get treated less. We may be paying less, but thats because #1 we have no idea what we are going to get...only a guess. And #2, its nonrefundable or changeable. Most people I speak to dont have the GUTS to bid on a hotel. They rather stay in 2 star hotels paying $60 a night rather than gamble for a 4 star at that same price. People who pay full price can change and cancel plans whenever, but once we click the comes right out our account. Fortunently I've had only 1 instance where I truly did not want to keep the hotel, it took priceline about 2 weeks to finally agree refund me, and another 3 days after that. I do miss the fact that as a rewards member with Mariott and Holiday Inn, I dont get any points (damn, we should atleast get 1/2 points LOL)...But some places do honor your card and treat you a little better when they see the rewards card, but many of them say, "you dont get anything for going thru priceline or hotwire unless you order off the menu" For example, I was hoping to get the extended stay hotel today...I just bidded and got something else. A bit nicer, but I was planning on cooking lunch and dinner
  14. I used the PRICELINE link on this forum to bid. Was hoping to get the Hilton Garden or Hyatt Place with free breakfast...but Im a rewards member with Mariott so it still came out nice. BTW, I had bonus cash so was able to bid $35, but my cost was only $25. This is the best deal I've gotten on a hotel all year (and I seriously needed it with the amount I've been spending) . Only $5 more than the cheapest 1 star hotel in Denver on name your own price. Came out to $97.44 total.