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  1. Hi guys -need help on July 10 Downtown Toronto (West or South) -still need to confirm with him 1) hotwire offers 4* @ $85 DT West w/ -bed choice -85% approval rate -smoke free -fitness -pool -rest -busin -high speed 2) my observation...not many 'successful bids' yet on calendar -too early for low lying fruit?? thanks
  2. UPDATE (just returned home) -decent place -free: parking, breakfast buffet & internet -certainly no complaints for a 2 *...great service, no issue/attitude being a PRICELINE purchase either :)
  3. Comfort Inn Pickering 533 Kingston Road Pickering, Ontario -started @ $38 for 3.5* Scarborough-Pickering...took it all the way to $65 with free re-bids-but ALL rejected :) -hoping for Delta Toronto East, but abandoned this approach, even though I still had free re-bids due to price point -see my next post for details even though it was unsuccessful (this part of toronto is very under-reported on bb, so it might prove useful?) -willing to spend about $40, need to be in Bluffers Park marina area for a wedding (so 15-20 minutes drive o.k.) (expecting 3.5* Delta Toronto East (previously 4*); 2* Comfort Inn Pickering; 2* Travelodge Scarborough) -not willing to include 3*'s in Markham...nice places but an extra 10 minutes late at night....not worth it...too far 1st bid -#10 Scarborough-P. + #13 Toronto East @ 3.5* @ $38 (already bid $38 for #10 Scarborough 3.5* alone-rejected) 2nd bid + 3* @ $41 3rd bid + 2.5 @ $41 4th bid + 2* @ $41 -others' wins suggested (2* travelodge @$32, 2* Comfort-Scarb @45, 3* HI-Markham @$45, $50 & $51) -hope this was useful -have 2 other trips to Toronto Downtown upcoming yet to book -will use PRICELINE &/or HOTWIRE links AGAIN! -continue to share the wealth (& info.) :)
  4. Toronto is a great city, as you know. Downtown South & North are only a few minute walk apart, so either is very close to so many things. DT south is closer to the CN tower, Skydome for the Blue Jays, etc. All depends upon what you wish to do...but bidding on 4* using PRICELINE to score either for $75-85 / night is pretty great I think...given rack rates of $200+ If you wish to use HOTWIRE, then check the listings, ratings on here (better bidding)...as these lists will allow you to almost pinpoint the exact hotel. You can then look at it online to see if it suits what/where you wish to go. Also you can start a new topic, given your questions & basic results...and the moderators will help you with your search...they are awesome! Best of luck!
  5. THanks...it was a nice hotel. Yes...those were awkwardly worded questions...sorry for the confusion. I have reworked them below, so hopefully it is more clear. QUESTIONS/Clarifications I HAVE regarding the Rebidding process to maximize # of opportunities @ re-bids 1) do I just keep adding (+) zones (as I did above) OR do I only have 2 areas specified, then close down browser & start again? -Toronto has so many options for re-bid, as all of those (except Scarborough) have only 3* -so this makes 10 areas that do NOT have 4*, when seeking either downtown North or South, then double that by adding the other (North or South) then repeat by adding 3.5 * 2) MY FEAR IS (cause I have not tried this yet) ....if I close browser...how do I start rebid again? i.e. does it allow you to just start again as if you have never been there b4? 3) if I review the 'accepted' bids, and see nothing so low....is there any point to starting so low? i.e. if all accepted bids are $70-85/ then why start bidding @ $50? thanks again
  6. Does this mean my 'frequent member card' is no good? :) Seriously, I have one from a stay in Vancouver last year. It is/was a wonderful hotel....I stayed in corner room on the 42nd floor.......WOW what a view!
  7. -yes....IMHO (In My Humble Opinion) -it is all downtown, and walking in any direction is lovely -the subway is good if you need/want to go out a bit further -perhaps look at a few of the 'wins' ie. DT south 4* (sheraton) and google it...to see 'area attractions' -but the ROM, AGO, high end shopping (& lower end wandering, people watching), chinatown, kensington market, etc. are all generally close from either -ps. I live about 1.5 hours from toronto, and 'visit' about 20 x / year...mostly not staying over, but I do have a few posts of 'wins'....included in my post from today (I believe) is a great synopsis of how to effectively bid Toronto downtown -but I do have a wedding in the east end, and another conference downtown coming up in the next few weeks ...so watch for my posts of wins....as I love to beat the 'machine' and share the results with others (to do the same!)
  8. 4* Toronto (Downtown South) Sheraton 123 Queen Street Toronto 416-361-1000 ***so many options in Toronto Downtown @ 4* for re-bids my needs/requirements -Downtown...my event was in the 'South' area -just one adult -so this was the constant....kept adding other non-4* -therefore, start low & add slowly...creeping up the $$ Bid/Re-bid Order (max * rating in zone...FYI) 1-Downtown South (4*) @ $52 2 + Brampton (3*) @ 55 3 + Burlington (3*) @59 4 +Don Valley 3*) @ 62 5 + Oakville (3*) @65 6 + Toronto West (3*) @ 71 7 + Toronto East (2*) @ 76 Accepted @ $76 ($93.96 w/ tax & fees) -still had a few re-bids to go using less than 4* including : Missisauga (3*) Scarbourough (3.5*) Vaughn (3*) Don Valley (3*) -Started with PRICELINE Link P.S. -just read another recent Sheraton posting, so will add these details also -asked for upgrade (to King bed) during check-in....very pleasant...but fully booked (not sure about extra $) -however, offered a King Jr. Suite (with a double bed)...no charge...8th floor Richmond Tower! -very clean, newly refurbished room -did link my email checkin info to S.P.G. club membership PPS. -next time I will go for an executive room in the 'Queen' tower with 'Club life' access ...didn't know....but now all of us do :) QUESTION RE: REbidding? (I have read, re-read....but still not confident on how to maximize re-bid potentials) -to maximize # of opportunities @ re-bids 1) do I just keep adding (+) zones OR do I close down browser & start again? -as illustrated above, Toronto has SOOOO many options for re-bid, as all of those (except Scarborough) have only 3* -so this makes 10 rebids @ 4 start alone for either downtown North or South separately, then double that by adding the other, then quadruple by adding 3.5 * -I have to make a grid/matrix b4 I start 2) MY FEAR IS (cause I have not tried this yet) ....if I close browser...how do I start rebid again? i.e. does it allow you to just start again as if you have never been there b4? 3) if I review the 'accepted' bids, and see nothing so low....is there any point to starting there? thanks again
  9. YES...this is correct.-expecting to get it for $57...I didn't bother playing around...closing the browser after 1, 1+2...then start fresh bid process -felt confident that I would get exactly what I wanted...as I didn't really feel like packing :) -he was off for a cruise...but travels a lot...so will definitely be reading up on this site now that he knows!
  10. Hi again -had issues this morning...couldn't make our trip/flight :) -anyway, I tried to re-book through the hotel directly ...I offered to let them give me a room for $57 direct....showed them the PL printout and all! -they declined, with a :) ...''can't do that'...$130 they could do though'......but 'go ahead and book on-line...perhaps you will get here again -so I did...and I did...even got the same room! 1st bid- $46 #1 Buffalo-Amherst -rejected 2nd bid $51 + #2 Airport -rejected 3rd bid $57 + Downtown -accepted -was kinda hoping for a 'saturday night discount' as the rack rate is less on the weekends due to lack of business folks :) -guess they seem not to vary their rate? -I guess I am getting more comfortable with the rebid :o -I printed my 'win' from BetterBidding and gave it to my computer neighbour last night (he paid $145...thought he got a deal) POINT OF CLARIFICATION? -should I have, after my 2nd bid...closed browser, start fresh with #1 + #3? to maintain many more rebids? -I have to re-read those tip sections more...still not quite following the thanks again
  11. First time PRICELINE trick re-bid user :) I read, and re-read all of the posts regarding Buffalo Airport hotels as such I learned that: 1) $57 for 3.5* seems to get you the Marriott recently ....which is great! 2) Buffalo has so many re-bids opportunities at this level 3) so to boost my experience and confidence...I played the re-bid game December 4, 2009 Checkin...note: today is Dec 3 First bid Buffalo -Amherst #1 @ $51 Reject Rebid + Buffalo-Airport #2 @ $55 Reject Rebid + Buffalo-Downtown #3 @ $57 ACCEPTED! ....even though I got what and where for the exact amount I expected as shown through all of the recent success stories here :o (thought maybe because it is so close....might be cheaper....not!) ...yes I started my process through the PRICELINE link! p.s. I phoned the Marriott and the rack rate is $133 with CAA/AAA discount! Thanks so much! Might do it again for a hotel before our family trip to Arizona at Christmas! :)
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