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  1. Discovered this morning all 3* & 4* Express Deal prices jumped up ~$100!! Except discovered 3* Lambert Inn (B&B) downtown Kissimmee $55/night, $124 total 2/12-2/14/16. PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal, took it. Very few reviews, bit of a risk but great deal!!!
  2. Is there anyone that knows this 4* Express Deal property? <dead link removed> (no resort fee, but also no parking fee??) Thanks in advance, using your PRICELINE link above if bidding!!
  3. Thanks for response. Having won no 3* for $65 no hotel fee, all Orlando zones, using your PRICELINE link, am now pursuing "cheapest" 4*s no hotel fee; the above (2) were $99/$94 no hotel fee but I was hoping to determine if high parking fee or not.
  4. requesting ID if possible: Universal Orlando Resort Area - Intl. Drive North Area view map Star Rating: 4 star Guaranteed Amenities: Indoor or Outdoor Pool Fitness Center Business Center Guest Score 8/10 Or Higher recent win $99 appears to be no hotel-resort fee would like to determine if parking fee also this if possible: A priceline customer recently had a winning bid of USD 94 a night for a 4-star hotel in Orlando, FL. Enter your dates below to try this same bid. Check In: 2/12/16 Check Out: 2/14/16 Rooms: All rooms will accommodate up to 2 adults. Area: Orlando International Airport (MCO) Area view map Star Rating: 4 star Guaranteed Amenities: Indoor or Outdoor Pool Restaurant Fitness Center Free Internet Business Center Guest Score 8/10 Or Higher no hotel fee listed Thanks in advance!
  5. > If you're willing to bid up to $60... That specific offer has $24/night hotel fee; When I bid all zones @$60, the hotel fee was $22/night & I was hoping it was one or more of the many 4*+ properties...?!
  6. Used your PRICELINE link 3* + Universal Orlando Resort Area - Intl. Drive North 2/12-2/14 $48,50,52,54,56,58,59,60 (sorry message for all) ($60 = all zones) Will try again 24 hrs!!!
  7. Success using your PRICELINE bidding link! Sirata Beach Resort Monday, February 08, 2016 (04:00 PM) Check-out:Wednesday, February 10, 2016 (11:00 AM) Hotel Address:5300 Gulf Boulevard Saint Pete Beach FL, 33706, United States Offer Price:$65.00/night Number of rooms:1 Room Number of nights:2 Nights Room Subtotal:$130.00 Taxes & Fees:$26.04 Total Charged:$156.04 Beta site St. Pete Beach 3* = "bid $77 or less"; bid $55, $74 offered, bid $60, bid $65 UPDATE: MAY BE PARKING FEE, TOO
  8. Bidding first time in couple years last night, unsuccessful Sarasota 2/8-2/10 & StPete 2/12-2/14 all zones 4* $95 & 3* $65, noticed resort-hotel fees now show BEFORE bidding!!! Is that system-wide or spotty? And if only 4* in a zone has hotel fee, will that fee display when bidding 3*?? No way to parse out fee properties within zone? Are there updated bidding strategies? Will bid Tampa-Orlando today using betterbidding.com PRICELINE link: any zone 2/8-2/10 & 2/12-2/14 4* up to $80 or 3* up to $60 with no or including hotel fee. Thanks in advance!!!!!!!
  9. Thanks for info!! Decided, due to a. wanting to be in-near downtown b. preferring 3* or better c. watching budget to use points: 2 nights Residence Inn Downtown, 1 night Hilton Conrad, 1 night IHG Indigo did find (2) in-out-in-out parking lots that seem reasonable & within mile of lodging (could use bus back & forth?) 510 W Taylor St. - Lot 0.90 mi away $44Reserve (4 full days total) 9/05 4:00 PM UNTIL 9/09 4:00 PM 550 W Kinzie St. - Lot 1.0 mi away (20 minute walk) $50Reserve (4 full days total) 9/05 4:00 PM UNTIL 9/09 8:00 PM Any comments on safety, logistics, of these lots appreciated! Will use your PRICELINE link above in future!
  10. Thanks for parking advice! Will Marta rt for (2) every day from North Neighborhoods be near same as Loop hotel typical parking fee? Are either of following a reasonable Loop hotel stay parking strategy? a. park in Marta lot at $1.50/day -- that's what I read elsewhere it costs (rely on city center transportation rather than car for 4 days) b. use one of these Loop parking lots which appear to be as low as $44 total for 4 full days (are these OK lots, seem to all be close to Loop hotels) Am willing to go higher on Loop zone bidding if lowering parking expenses!! Will use your PRICELINE link above to bid!!
  11. 9/5-9/9 four nights; rental car; visiting as many attractions as possible; safe bus or train OK as needed; seeking $55 & under bid deep discounted 3*, 3.5*, multi-property-stay OK; flying in & out STL; a. parking city center seems to be typically $44/day no in-out-in, or $65/day valet in-out-in; are there low end hotels with big parking lots that offer cheaper rates to non-guests? (in otherwords, stay at 3*+ but park cheap at nearby 1*) (came across that in Atlanta, a Days Inn downtown offered $7/day no in-out-in) b. what zones should be avoided due to crime, shooting, unsafe outside hotel in evening, etc.? c. what closest-in city center zones start to typically include free parking or, say, under $10/day in-out-in? Read in another thread about North Nghbrhd zones, are they "the ticket"? Any advice from Chicago veterans appreciated!!
  12. Thanks for Priceline Maps! FYI, zone box stays blank in my AOL browser. But it does work using my IE browser. Due to bid-to-win-pricing, decided to use 75K IHG pts for 3-night Crowne Plaza Clayton! So this thread can be closed! But am hoping 4-night Chicago bidding offers more competitive pricing... Will use your PRICELINE link above to bid!
  13. ===== Thanks for link. I am able to input city: MO - St. Louis (Downtown) but unable to input zones -- tried yesterday, today... Please advise Will be using your PRICELINE link above!
  14. Thanks for info!! Minimums right now, using your PRICELINE link above: 4* $60 3.5* $55 3* $50 (knowing there's taxes, fees, parking) These minimums have never won in 2014? Thanks, bidding again tomorrow PM...
  15. Using your PRICELINE link above! So far, both zones, 8/30 to 9/2, 3 nights: 3.5* $50 failed 3* $44 failed (still time, will inch higher) Prefer NOT to get parking fees, resort fees; Prefer NOT to get Holiday Inn, unless its "refreshed" version; (are there "faded" properties, 3* & up in these zones?) Are there currently any codes out there for bidding credits? Any advice from those-in-the-know wrt St.L. lodging appreciated!! Thanks in advance!!
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