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  1. Thanks so much for all of your help! I just got PARC 55 for $75 22/1 - 26/1 using this sites' PRICELINE link. Yay! Thanks again :)
  2. Hi! I'd like to rebid on Priceline for USW or USE 4*. I'm unfamiliar with Priceline, - but just put in a bid which wasn't accepted.... hence wanting to rebid. Am I right in thinking that San Bruno appears to have no 4* hotels, so if I were to include that in my area request, I may have a rebid if that makes sense.....? Apologies if this is a silly qu. Any help would be hugely appreciated! :)
  3. I think I'll try my luck on Priceline for the first time.... :) I know I may get Hilton, but I'll give it a go. Thanks for the help!
  4. Thanks for the reply. I'll give it some thought, as I haven't heard great things about the Hilton....
  5. Hi! Fixed up the Vegas thread, - sorry about that! Wynn was fabulous. Many thanks :)
  6. This was the Wynn for $119 per night. :) Apologies for the delayed result post!
  7. Hi there. I'm looking at Hotwire 4*USW hotel for 22/1 - 26/1 Amenities are: Fitness Center Restaurant(s) Business Center High-speed Internet Access It's $96 p/n. When I book I'll be sure to use the link from this site. Thanks so much!
  8. Hi, thanks for your help. Yep, it's a Casino.... I was kind of hoping for Venetian, but Wynn would be nice too. Does Wynn have tennis though? Does Venetian ever come up? Thanks!
  9. Ok so I think I've narrowed it down to either Venetian or Encore/ Wynn by the amenities, but I could be wrong as I'm new at this. 5* Central Strip It's for Jan 10 - Jan 13, $119 Trip advisor 4.5* rated Fitness Centre Pool Restaurant Business Centre Golf Nearby Tennis Nearby Spa Actually Encore- Wynn doesn't have tennis....? Ideas anyone? I'll be sure to book through the HOTWIRE link on this site when I do book. Many thanks!
  10. Yay! Just booked The Westin for $108 on hotwire for this Sat 24 Oct. Thanks for the help!
  11. Hello! I've booked, and it's the Westin. Great! I love heavenly Westins. Many thanks!
  12. Great advice thanks, - I've now put 2adults/1 ch in. All is good. Thank you! Last thing- It's 9.30 at night here.... Would there possibly be an even cheaper rate if I wait til tmw to book? ie 1 day prior to the stay? Thanks again! :)
  13. HI. Thanks for your reply. This forum is fantastic! We would hope for two queen beds or a sofabed, as we have our young son with us. Thanks again!
  14. Hi! 4* Hotwire Downtown Pike Place Fitness Centre Pool Restaurant Business Centre High Speed Internet $108 24/Oct Can I please have some help? Also, when do I put the bedding config request in? Many thanks!
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