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  1. First let me say that I just noticed that it has been 10 years nearly to the day that I first posted on this site! It has been a while but I'm having a tough time with the theater district NYC. My son and I are seeing a show at the Beacon on November 2nd and would like to stay somewhere close-ish to the theater, but would have no trouble being a reasonable Uber ride away. It's been forever since we have been to New York City and holy shnikies, prices are ridiculous. I have a cuz that can hook me up with Marriott friends and family and even his rates are in the 400's for anything in Manhattan. SO I guess what I'm looking for is some help finding a 4* hotel within a couple of miles of the Beacon. New Jersey and LI City are out, have done both and the back and fourth to the hotel is a bit of a pain. Looking to try to keep it to $300 all in. Maybe that puts me in a 3.5* and that's cool also. Thank you all!
  2. OK, so, here's a quandary for ya'll. Last week I bid, on Thursday for the next night, downtown Providence and after 4 attempts at $5 intervals, I hit at $75 at the Westin, yeah for me. This week, we were fortunate enough to ditch the kids for this friday night (last week we had the kids) and I figured, let's head down to Providence again. So, this morning I start bidding, same technique as before, started at $60, $5 increments. Well, this time I get shut out on all 8 bid attempts, took it all the way to $100. So, the conspiracy theorist in me started thinking. Is there a chance that Priceline blocks you out of a certain zone if you try two weeks in a row, (or some other arbitrary time window). So I have my wife bid, she started at $75 and wouldn't you know it, I hit on the first bid!! Now, is there a chance that there a flags that pop up if you try the same zone often? Maybe the hotels ask that these persons not get the lower price too often? Like, my wife was a new user so maybe in order to wet her beak, they give her a low winning bid? I tent to doubt it, but, this mornings evidence is to the contrary! Have any of you Better Bidding folks seen anything like this before? Thanks, James.
  3. Used BB link to get to PRICELINE, 4th bid hit at $75 for the 1st of July. Started at $60. Thanks for the help!
  4. Used the old ABCD method and after starting at $51 with $1 increments, scored the Westin for $56! Thanks BB.