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  1. First let me say that I just noticed that it has been 10 years nearly to the day that I first posted on this site! It has been a while but I'm having a tough time with the theater district NYC. My son and I are seeing a show at the Beacon on November 2nd and would like to stay somewhere close-ish to the theater, but would have no trouble being a reasonable Uber ride away. It's been forever since we have been to New York City and holy shnikies, prices are ridiculous. I have a cuz that can hook me up with Marriott friends and family and even his rates are in the 400's for anything
  2. OK, so, here's a quandary for ya'll. Last week I bid, on Thursday for the next night, downtown Providence and after 4 attempts at $5 intervals, I hit at $75 at the Westin, yeah for me. This week, we were fortunate enough to ditch the kids for this friday night (last week we had the kids) and I figured, let's head down to Providence again. So, this morning I start bidding, same technique as before, started at $60, $5 increments. Well, this time I get shut out on all 8 bid attempts, took it all the way to $100. So, the conspiracy theorist in me started thinking. Is there a chance that Pri
  3. Used BB link to get to PRICELINE, 4th bid hit at $75 for the 1st of July. Started at $60. Thanks for the help!
  4. Used the old ABCD method and after starting at $51 with $1 increments, scored the Westin for $56! Thanks BB.
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