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  1. I had an extra discount for a PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal. I admit I'm wary of bidding at PHL hotels since many require paying for parking, so this was nice compromise. Listed amenities: Free Parking, business center, free breakfast, airport shuttle, gym, also rated 9/10 by guests. Decent reviews, so I even added a night after seeing which hotel it was. Used the PRICELINE link as usual!
  2. Hello. I was going to book the PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal for 2.5 star hotel at $63/night. Guess I waited too long and price increased to $76. Therefore I decided to bid. First bid $70 3 star - rejected, second build added 2.5 stars and bid $60 was accepted. Used the PRICELINE link as usual
  3. Booked this room last minute. There was an PRICELINE EXPRESS deal for $76 for the night in area. I decided to bid a little under and see what happened. It was accepted on first attempt which was great since I was in process of driving to the area. Hotel was nice for short time I was there.
  4. Just returned from trip. Another bonus tip - This hotel has shuttle to cruise pier. There's no charge for trip from hotel to pier, just sign up at desk. However, they said there is a charge for pier to hotel. Also there are a few restaurants within walking distance, so I saved $$ on transportation.
  5. First bid $60 RDU Zone - rejected. offer to increase to $75 to rebid immediately. I declined Added another zone - Crabtree (based on hotel prices there, figured I would end up with RDU hotel) and bid $65 - won. Total with taxes and fees $81 Hotel lowest listed rate is $109 so I'm happy. Used Priceline link as always.
  6. Multiple tries. Will be in town for one night for early interview. Didn't want to spend over $60 Day 1 - Area 8/3 stars $60 - rejected, added 2.5 stars for $55 - rejected, added Area 10 for $50 - rejected again Day 2 - Area 10/2.5 stars at $50. rejected. said I could rebid same area if increased by $7. I declined and added Area 8 at $56 - won Best Western Reviews aren't great. I was hoping for Wyndham, but it's only 1 night. Used link as usual.
  7. Just got this PRICELINE EXPRESS deal for 1 night before cruise. I wanted someplace with airport shuttle due to late arrival, so went with Express deal rather than bid. Amenities listed: airport shuttle, pool, free parking/internet/breakfast, fitness center and business center. Used the [url=http://www.betterbidding.com/clicks/click.php?afsrc=1&id=40]PRICELINE[/url] link as usual.
  8. Amenities listed as free parking, business center, pool and fitness center. Sister said maybe one more, but she can't remember.
  9. This time was very interesting. I consulted this site as usual, before going to site using link. When I looked at PRICELINE EXPRESS first. There were 3 hotels listed in my target area (PM/Conc). 3.5 star for $59, 2 star for $49 and 3 star for $101. From this site, I knew 3.5 star was Marriott West, which I didn't want due to location and paying for parking. Since this is family trip, I was on phone with my sister and she saw totally different options! maybe since she's staying one extra night? So I logged out and searched again and saw same options as before. Sister brought deal for 3 st
  10. Very happy with my deal. Nice and quiet. Off of Broad St behind office supply business. On listing - WiFi, parking, business center, fitness Center, pool and breakfast Used the PRICELINE link as usual.
  11. Forgot to post this earlier. Won on first bid after seeing PRICELINE EXPRESS deal 3 star for $75. It was small king suite since hotel said couldn't change me to 2 bed room, which seems to occur frequently with Marriott properties. Used link as usual. :)
  12. First time using PRICELINE EXPRESS Deals. Amenities listed as pool, pets, restaurant, fitness center, free parking and free internet. Used the [url=http://www.betterbidding.com/clicks/click.php?afsrc=1&id=40]PRICELINE[/url] link as usual
  13. Took 2 attempts to win. day 1 - bid $46 - no success. was prompted to increase bid by $11 to $57 to bid again for same level. I passed since there was express deal for 3 stars at $55 with 5%off and I had another week to bid. day 2 - bid $50 and got the Holiday Inn. I stayed here previously so its ok. Lots of restaurants nearby. Used the PRICELINE link as usual.
  14. Priceline has a current coupon for 5% off (summer) so I couldn't resist. First bid was $55/night - rejected, but said if increase to $70, I could try again now. I took the bait since had the coupon code and it was lower than $76, which was lowest price I found in area. Bid was accepted. Used PRICELINE link as always :)
  15. Bid last night for $75/night with no luck. Priceline said if increased bid by $14 to $89/night that I could bid same zone/star level again. Instead I added another area - Outlets and increased bid to $78/night - rejected again. :( Tonight, I decided to try again, though didn't expect to win. However, first attempt at $85/night was successful. Never heard of the hotel so it will be an adventure. Lowest rates on hotel's site $107-114/night and definitely cheaper than Hampton Inn, which was my backup plan for next week. Used PRICELINE link as always.
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