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  1. Hello, we are looking to travel to Scottsdale between 6/30 - 7/4 for 2 adults, 1 child and are hoping to book the Fairmont Princess (due to children's activities). On Hotwire, I'm seeing a 5* property for those dates at $91. The bidding help suggests either Omni or Fairmont. Full amenities are listed as: Resort, Restaurant, Pool, Fitness, Free Internet, Hi-Speed Internet, Business, Laundry, Spa, Blind Accessible, Deaf Accessible, Travel Accessible, Room Accessible, Bathroom Accessible, Handicapped Parking, Roll-in Shower, Pet Friendly Also lists a 90% recommended. We bid on HOTWIRE last summer with very similar info and got Fairmont, but reading though some past posts leaves me uncertain. Thoughts? My son is very set on going back to the Fairmont.
  2. Nope. Only the four amenities I listed. P.S. I did use the HOTWIRE search box at top of page. Is that not the same as using the links? I want to be sure the method that is best for this site, since I appreciate you being here.
  3. Amenities: Airport Shuttle Fitness Center Business Center High-speed Internet Access I was hoping this was the Aloft hotel, but got Hyatt instead. Listed as 100% for customer reviews.
  4. Update: We went ahead with HOTWIRE (via this site's link) and plan to call the hotel with our non-smoking request. I don't know how to update the subject header of the original post, but here is what we ended up with: Dates: 10/21/09-10/23/09 2* $53 - listed amenities: fitness, laundry, internet access and kitchenette Actual property is Candlewood Suites in Braintree (what we were hoping!) and a 50 percent savings over other travel sites.
  5. Apologies... I found the smoking/nonsmoking (and other helpful info) in the FAQ page. So ignore that question.
  6. Hotwire is giving me a few different prices for 2* and 3* hotels in the Randolph-Braintree area. We are going to a conference and are hoping to figure out which hotels are popping up. Dates: 10/21/09-10/23/09 2* $53 - I don't see any 2* hotels on the MA hotwire list for Braintree. Amenities include fitness, laundry, internet access and kitchenette. This last one seems pretty unique--making me think it is either the Candlewood Suites or Extended Stay America (both have kitchenettes). Anyway I can figure out which one (Candlewood is closer to our conference hotel) 3* $104 - There are few 3* ones on the list. The amenities listed include fitness, pool, restaurant, business center, laundry, internet. It also tells me that it received a 3.0 out of 5 on Trip Advisor. All of this seems to match the Sheraton Braintree (our conference hotel!) and differs from the other 3* ones on the list (Hampton and Holiday Inn). But I've seen different ratings for the Sheraton (ranging from 3* to 3.5*. Any thoughts on whether this is a match (willing to pay more for conference hotel, but if not would rather pay the $53!) Also, if you go through hotwire do you risk getting a smoking room? That is a deal breaker for us, but I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere. Thanks.
  7. This was my first time using PRICELINE and I was shocked that it accepted my first bid. Judging from other forum prices this wasn't so bad (but wish I tried lower!) Your Offer Price: $15.00 (per day) Total Rental Days: 7 days(6 days and 11 1/2 hours) Subtotal: $105.00 Taxes and Fees: $86.40 Total Charges: $191.40 Lowest Published Price: $548.35 (USD) Total Savings:* $356.95 (USD) (You saved 65%) Lowest published price I could find was $277 at Thrifty (taxes included) and things were running close to $240 on Hotwire. My goal was to get under $200 for the week, so I'm happy. Now that I'm learning the ins and outs I will check here first (and use the PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links from this site). Thanks.