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  1. Thanks I booked using your HOTWIRE link and got the Home2 suites by Hilton. Amenities: Free Parking Complimentary Breakfast Free Internet Pet Friendly Fitness Pool Business Deaf Accessible
  2. Hi I’m trying to book it right now, it looks like it went down to 68$/night, i want to make sure it’s the right one (Holiday inn express) Thanks
  3. Yeah Just saw on the list that there’s the Holiday Inn express, home2 by hilton and the Grand Palms, i don’t mind the 3* or 2,5* except for the Grand palm.
  4. Hi, im looking for a 2 nights stay in Miramar Pembrokes Pines or something very close to that area. 3 star and more if possible less than 75$/night. thanks
  5. Yeah in addition, two different events. This is for a wedding so, these specific hotels and Under 170$/night
  6. Need help to find Holiday Inn Manhattan View or Ravel Hotel for these specific dates. Thank you for your help
  7. Im interested by the Arlo Noma. Do you have other suggestions than these two for the budget mentioned
  8. Since you said there is better values and more savings... then my maximum would be 535$ US all included for the 3 nights. I don't want to pay more than what I can pay for the Yotel by booking directly with them. I don't mind staying in a big chain hotel but I would prefer a Boutique Hotel like Yotel. I have been to NY many times but I haven't been to Manhattan as a tourist since 2001. Thanks
  9. Do you have something that compares to Yotel in the area. I don't want to be too far from Time Square ? To compare Yotel is now at 535$ US (about 152$/nights + fees) for 3 nights august 10th-13th
  10. Is it normal, it's 100$ more than if I book directly with the hotel?
  11. Im hoping to get Yotel New York either using PRICELINE or HOTWIRE from august 10 to august 13. Thanks
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