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  1. Bid $110 after seeing the hotel available (presumably the Westin) for $150 through Priceline Express. All in, the room is $128. Even with the added fees for internet, breakfast, etc., this is still a better deal than the Hampton Inn at the airport I was planning to stay at.
  2. It didn't go so well. I bid $50 for a 2*, seeing only the Ramadas on the Priceline list for Carlsbad and Oceanside. I ended up with a Rodeway Inn in Oceanside at $50, which after taxes was what the hotel would go for on hotels.com. But more concerning was that the bidding guidelines expressly stated that the room I get would be at a hotel with a minimum of a 7.0 guest rating. The Rodeway Inn was a 6.6 on the Priceline site. It took some work, but I was able to convince the folks at PRICELINE that I did not bid on a property that was under a 7.0 rating. In any event, you might want to add the Rodeway Inn Oceanside to the Priceline hotels list.
  3. Good idea on trying to get the 2 rooms at the Ramada. I will give that a shot.
  4. I don't care if it is a Ramada or not. I just want the most cost-effective way to find a place for 4 adults and 2 kids. The Ramada room has 2 double beds and a sofa bed. The adults can certainly handle the double beds. Being near Carlsbad would be nice, but I don't think it is a requirement for us, unless it is really undesirable to drive to Lego Land from San Diego. We are looking at July 1 and 2. Thanks.
  5. Thanks. I think we can roll the dice on getting two beds, as opposed to a single bed. We would like a 3* if possible. Knowing that I can get a 2* in Carlsbad for under $70, I was inclined to bid around that much for a 3* in the vicinity. I am not sure what the 2* would be, but I am guessing it is a Ramada or maybe a Holiday Inn Express. For our needs, those might fit the bill. I just figured I would give it a shot by bidding since I have a week to go. I just saw that you can get a Ramada double suite, with 2 doubles and a sofa bed for $119/night. I am not sure I can do better than that through HOTWIRE or PRICELINE.
  6. I am looking for something for 4 adults and 2 kids (grandparents and our family). A suite-style hotel would be great, but if the finances work out better with 2 rooms, that is also fine. Does anyone have any suggestions as to the zones to bid and prices? We are going to LegoLand for 2 days and the SD Zoo for a day. So, we can be flexible in zones I think, unless it is really a schelp from SD to LegoLand. We are thinking 3*. Right now, there is a 2* in Carlsbad for $68/night through Priceline Express, which seems pretty good, but if we could upgrade the hotel, it would be nice. Thanks.
  7. I guess I never closed this out. We used Marriott miles for the Singer Island Resort. It was very nice and well worth it.
  8. We just bid $110 for USE San Francisco and got the Grand Hyatt for 10/7-10/9. We probably bid a bit high as we could have landed a deal with a flight that would have worked out to $150/night, taxes included. Our savings are only about $20/night, after adding in Priceline fees and taxes. But $40 is $40 and this is the very hotel we wanted.
  9. Went down to 3* and bid $65, was accepted at the Hyatt Summerfield Suites Burlington. This is after going all the way up to $90 for 3.5* in the area. I f.eel like I won for losing. I believe that this is a NEW Priceline hotel for Bedford/Burlington and probably should be added to the list. The hotel gets solid reviews on TripAdvisor and, checking rates, it appears that I did better than 2 nights for the price onf 1. By the way, I used the links from this site for bidding.
  10. Unfortunately, the Hotwitre hotels aren't really good locations relative to the Priceline ones, and there is more uncertainty to them. I guess I will just go with the Hampton Inn, which is in a good location for us and at a decent price point.
  11. I've been trying to he bid on a 3.5* in the Bedford/Burlington, MA area and have been unsuccessful. I have made it all the way up to $75, and added Lexington as a zone (no 3.5*s there), but still cannot get a bid accepted. It is right before Memorial Day weekend, so that could be the problem. Does anyone have any thoughts? Am I just being unrealistic?
  12. I only need one night. Based on what I have seen here, I think my max bid would be $200 (hopefully, starting lower).
  13. I am looking for a night or two in Palm Beach (not West Palm Beach), starting March 17. I would prefer a 4* hotel unless people know of a 3 1/2* that is also nice in the area. Does anyone have any tips? In particular, I was wondering what I should start at for bidding?
  14. My wife decided to drive in early Saturday morning instead. Parking is relatively cheap for 5-6 hours ($12). That being said, the regions we were looking at were Upper East Side, Upper West Side and Midtown East. She wanted to be close to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.