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  1. Saw on PRICELINE EXPRESS 4* $126. Started at $100 on Price.line Name Your Own Price. Priceline rejected and counter offered at $130. I rebid with South Boston (no 4* hotels) at $115. Success! $143 with taxes.
  2. Tried to get a 4* in Boston up to $90 in either Copley or Quincy Market. Unsuccessful. Saw that this hotel had good reviews and a lower price. Got it for $50 on the first try. It was a very nice hotel right off the highway. It has an indoor pool and small lounge. Employees were extremely helpful and friendly. Room was nice. The room they gave us was a long way from the lobby but it was nice and quiet. $50 Hotel $13.30 Taxes and Fees $63.30 Total Worth the money!
  3. Amenities Airport Shuttle Complimentary Breakfast Fitness Center Pool(s) Business Center Laundry Facilities High-speed Internet Access February 13, 2010
  4. Hotel $45 Taxes & Fees $12.45 Total $57.45 Very nice hotel. Free parking, free high speed internet, free breakfast and nice pool. They also take dogs. There were quite a few.
  5. Got the Renaissance for $51 ($65 with taxes). Had tried 4, 3 and 2 days before trip all the way up to $70 and was unsuccessful. Had seen that this hotel was won for $51 and figured that was a good target. The best rate on HOTWIRE was $152. Tried a last time on the 16th (the day of the stay) and won it. My best guess why the hotel opened up is that it was a Saturday night and they did not want to give the lower rate until they knew the rooms wouldn't be booked for the whole weekend. Who knows? The hotel is very nice. It is not quite 2 years old. Room looked like noone had every stayed in it. The staff was very friendly and excellent help. The "Temple" restaurant was a little disappointing but okay. Parking is $25 high for Providence but cheap for Boston. Well worth the $51. I used the PRICELINE link on this board.
  6. Started out at $100 and moved up to $130 with "Copley" Area and free rebids. No luck. Closed browser started over with "Quincy Market - Faneuil Hall - Financial District" area. Bid $100 up to $130 by $10 free rebids and got Omin Parker House. $130 per night $260.00 (two rooms) $ 43.94 (fees & taxes) $303.94 Total More than I have ever paid through PRICELINE but Boston is an expensive city and it is a Saturday night.
  7. I want to say that the services, professionalism and politeness of this site are far superior to any other travel site. I have saved hundreds over the years using Priceline and information from this site. Thank you for all that you do.
  8. Yes it is a 3.5* hotel. It is listed in "my trips" that way. I did use the PRICELINE link on the top of the page.
  9. Started at $65 and went up to $72. Hotel - $72.00 Fees - $15.32 Total - $87.32 First time staying there. Nice hotel and very friendly staff.
  10. Started at $70 and went up to $80 with free zones. Very nice hotel but closer to Old Montreal then Downtown.
  11. Have been bidding daily for over a week starting at $70 and going up to $90 with free rebids. No success until yesterday. Le Centre Sheraton Montreal Hotel Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: US$81.00 Subtotal: US$162.00 Taxes & Service Fees: US$36.96 Total Charges: US$198.96
  12. I just won Le Centre Sheraton (Downtown) for $81 yesterday. I think they just released the rooms because I had been trying for over a week starting at $70 and going up to $90 with no success. The dates I got are 12/30-12/1/2008. With taxes & fees it came to just under $100 a night. Good luck.
  13. As a side note: Canada no longer offers tax rebates as of March 2007. So you are no longer penalized by booking through Priceline or HOTWIRE.
  14. Started at $70 and used free rebids to $90. At that point was given opportunity to raise bid by $22 and secure room. Closed browser and rebid at $95 - accepted. This bid was for two rooms and the Jazz festival was in town so I suppose $95 was okay. Once inside was told they did not have any king beds available (though I had called and requested) because it was a priceline bid. I was offered a $30 upgrade room (executive king suite) normally $50. I took the bait and went for the upgrade. The rooms are completely redone and quite nice. You also receive complimentary breakfast and 5-7 lounge time in a private room. It was worth it. The hotel was unique in that the pool, lobby and lounge are on the top floor. Beware their parking garage is only 6' tall and you have to park across the street if your vehicle does not fit.
  15. I have stayed at the Hyatt several times and once at the Park Plaza. The rooms and service at the Hyatt were far superior to the Park Plaza. I would definitely recommend the Hyatt over Park Plaza.
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