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  1. Try splitting your accomodation into two. You should find 24th is the most costly night followed by 25th, and prices return to normal after that. If you bid in two tranches, you may be able to achieve an average cost of $175 over the period. eg $275 per night for the first two nights and $75 for the second two nights. Alternatively stay at the airport on the first night, which you should be able to pick up for around $60-90 and factor in two taxi rides to and from the city at $45each way. Good luck
  2. thereuare, Thanks for putting this post in its own thread. Are you able to adjust the thread topic name to the 24th rather than the 25th, as this is the day to which the SFO Hyatt reservation relates? Thanks
  3. Carrying on from my Priceline Hyatt Regency Airport thread. Title should be $50 not $60.. sorry folks
  4. Just to finish off on the balance of my Priceline San Francsico trip, Ive changed my preferences for those days and have had the following bids accepted: 24/10/09 I couldnt find any available 4* hotels in the city, so I changed my target to an airport hotel, and figuring that the inconvienince/cost of taking the BART into the city ($5) and taxi home at night ($45) was OK given the price saving and I could apply the price saving on this night to the next night's accomodation. I bid up to $230 for 4*, and $200 for 3.5*, in the city and got nothing Win: Hyatt SFO, $60 25/10/09 4* hotels became available on this night. While not cheap, I did will save by staying out at the airport the previous night and staying at the Napa the next night. Win: Hyatt downtown, $180 26/10/09 As I planned to visit the Napa /wine country while in San Fran, I figured I may as well stay out there one night, taking advantage of much cheaper accomodation vs the city. Win: Hyatt Sonoma, $50 Wine: lots The interesting thing about the above bids were that all accepted bids were from the Hyatt. I dont know if there is anything significant about that or just pure co-incidence.
  5. A quick update on 27th to 31st. Using the PRICELINE link above, I bid: $90 4* USE - rejected $91 4* USE / Financial District - rejected Restart: $90 4* USW - accepted - Hotel Nikko :-) Pehaps I should have started a little lower, but for my first time using PRICELINE Im happy with that price for a 4*
  6. I would prefer to stick with 3* or above and for price, with $200 as a max for 24-27 and half that for 27-31, as this appears to be the prices for buying at a disclosed hotel via HOTWIRE for that night. Also Im happy with all of the zones I previously listed. I really appreciate your advice and assistance!! :-)
  7. I too have been looking at that date, along with the entire next of the week. Based on what I have seen to date on PRICELINE, HOTWIRE, and Wotif, availability and price of accomodation for that week is pretty tight. A quick scan of the Wotif availability matrix for that weekend makes this very apparent. Im considering having to increase my budget for that weekend on the basis I can average down total cost by getting cheaper accomodation later in the following week.
  8. My back up plan is definately purchasing a cancellable and refundable hotel room for those nights. Having said that, a high buget for a couple of days 24-26th (say, $200 or so, as you mentioned above) would be acceptable, as this would be averaged down if I could get a great rate in the the other part of that week 27-31st.
  9. Ive just had a look at the Calander of wins and noticed that the wins appear to be in the back end of that week. As Im not too keen on staying out at the Airport, I guess my next best option is to split my stay into two halves/two hotels and raise my budget for the first few nights to "the best I can get" rather than a specific dolar amount. Is that a resonable way to go?
  10. Thanks for the welcome. Im faily flexible as to area, but would like it to be in the city. Using the PRICELINE names these are called: - Civic Centre - Financial District - Embarcadero - Fisherman's Warf - Marina - Lombard Street - SOMA - Moscone Centre - Union Square East; and - Union Square West - Nobb Hill Regarding budget, I would prefer around the $100 mark (pre taxes & fees) for 4* or $75 for 3.5*, but again can be flexible if need be. Thanks
  11. Hi, Im new to PRICELINE and HOTWIRE, and have just discovered this forum. Im travelling to San Fran from Sydney for a holiday from 24th to 31st October and would like to know the best bidding strategy for this period. Ive visited SF a few times in the past so Im fairly familiar with the city and its public transport. In that respect, I dont have a strong preference as to areas in which to stay, other than I would prefer 4* or a good 3.5*. Im also happy in staying in a couple of hotels during the week, but obviously not moving to a different hotel every night. Given I need accomodation for a week, is it better bidding for the whole 7 days or splitting my bid into, say, two seperate periods. Which strategy would give me the best chance of success and price? And are there any other tips that would be useful? Thank you.
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