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  1. Started at $51 and kept going up. Finally hit at $72. Have a mtg at Kalahari but even though there was a room block they tried to up the price (at Kalahari) by $30 saying the block rooms weren't available. Come on, that's a huge place and on a Monday during school? Scam. Thanks to Priceline I get the Holiday Inn Express just around the corner for 1/2 price and free breakfast to boot.
  2. Started at $45 then $50, then accepted their counter at $68. Was hoping for Holiday Inn Express with indoor pool and free breakfast but Marriott's are always nice.
  3. Started at $45 increasing $5 each time. At $50 they offered an immediate rebid for $65. Continued with $55 and then hit at $60. Expected this hotel as it appeared to be the only 2.5 star in the immediate area but happy to get it as it has one of the top ratings on Trip Adviser.
  4. Great place for a great price. Parking was extra though. There is a ramp behind. Free breakfast included made to order omelet . Pool very nice but closes at 11pm sharp (enforced).
  5. Was trying to get Belmont area hotel. Bid 60, failed, added air port (that's were we were going anyway) and bid same amount and was awarded La Quinta. Not sure I would rank it 2.5 star, no pool, continental (no hot food) breakfast. Decent rate on Decent hotel.
  6. Used the [url=http://www.betterbidding.com/clicks/click.php?afsrc=1&id=40]PRICELINE[/url] link on this site. Started at 45 and they offered a second chance bid at 54 which they accepted. Nice hotel, been there before.
  7. I bid $50 and Priceline came back with chance to re-bid $59. Since it was the last day, I went ahead and got it. Nice hotel just a few blocks from the event I was attending. Come on people, we need more wins reported. Let's keep this site active and useful.
  8. 1st offered $50 and they came back with 2nd chance offer for $59. Went with $59 and they came back with Residence Inn. The exact hotel we were hoping for. Very happy because even with AAA it is over $100/night.
  9. New slider for bid only went down to $45 for this one, but got the bid first time. Used the link on this better bidding site. It is so helpful for researching likely results.
  10. Stay went fine(mostly). No complaints. Hotel was right off the highway although you can't turn in the front due to median strip on road. Drive around block to rear entrance. They accidently entered our stay wrong in their system and our keys stopped working 2nd day but easily fixed. No towels by pool so asked front desk to send some but after 20 mins of swimming, they still hadn't shown up. The room and everything else was just fine. Nothing to worry about.
  11. Looking for an inexpensive quick stay on our way through. Bid $30 for East side as it was on our route and based on previous wins on this board. Went through first attempt. Reviews are mixed but for the price, should be fine. Used Priceline link on this site.
  12. Followed recent win by other BB user (beachgurl)and got same deal. Hope it's nice. Use the link from this site for Priceline
  13. Based on reviews and bid results we aimed for this hotel. Started with $49. Was offered an immediate rebid if up the bid by $17. Suppose we could have worked thru the bidding process to get it for less but time was getting short so we complied and got the room we wanted albiet a little more money than we hoped. Used the PRICELINE link on this site.
  14. Was hoping for for Country Inn and Suites that I got last year. Holiday is usually nice but this one has several negative reviews but apparently there is recently new ownership and renovations planned (not in time for me). Now I am trying for two nights later in the week but staying away from 2.5* to try for something better, however 1st day was unsuccessful all the way up to $60. Use the link on this site to get to Priceline.
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