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  1. I actually found good information on successful bids for 7-8 through 7-12. Now my question concerns how to identify the Sheraton in the Boston (Copley Sq. Theater District) and how to go about bidding to get the great price of $75 per night that one of your members achieved? Thank you.
  2. We have friends coming from out of town to visit Boston in the month of July for 4 nights. The exact dates are to be determined, but it would be the last 3 weeks in JUly. The waterfront or downtown Boston areas are favored with 3+ stars. From your experience what do you think the price range would be for this stay per night?
  3. Ended up with the king bed and non-smoking after all. The staff at the hotel ARE very nice. The room was fine but the bathroom was a postage stamp! The walk to the M was not too bad especially if you consider it part of your daily exercise to keep healthy. I wouldn't want to do it during the cold months. Wouldn't want to stay there again.
  4. Did you have to pay for parking? If so, how much? thanks.
  5. As posted above, I stayed at this motel and I think $56 is the top price to pay no matter when in the season. If you do stay there because there is absolutely nothing else available, be sure to check what you are being charged for "service" and do question it.
  6. Amenities: pool, restaurant I didn't try either. Pool looked small. Would not stay there again if I could help it.
  7. Called a few days before the 8th to request king, non-smoking. Told I was being upgraded to the Princess Suite. Arrived and was given a room with 2 double beds. $115 per night tax $25.90 Height of season and 1st weekend with the sun shinning in many weeks. Very crowded. Clean and bed was ok. Nothing to write home about. Very basic. Lobby coffee was not good but found a DD across the street.
  8. :) This is very helpful. Since I was terrible snookered by PRICELINE on my last bid, I am determined to get a good deal next time. This explanation of the strategy is terrific for those visual learners like myself. I noticed that this was posted in '03. Is this strategy still current with PRICELINE? Thank you E
  9. I have a $10 per night coupon from Priceline that needs to be used by Jan. 16, 2010. It is good for 5 nights and $10 will be added per night to my bid. To be valid I must use the "Make your own bid", and use PRICELINE's site. Do you know how far in advance I can bid on a room? Could I make a bid in Jan '10 for a room in April '10? Can you fill me in on how to do this bidding? Thank you. Emily P.S. Forward, I will use this site to book. :)
  10. 4* Hyatt Regency Philadelphia at Penns Landing 1st attempt tax $25.47 Sept. 3 -4, '09 Called to request king bed and water side. Told Priceline bookings' request are not possible. Felt like a 2nd class guest. Rep needs help with PR. Ended up with king and partial water view.
  11. *** 1501 Rhode Island Ave Holiday Inn Washington Central 10/1/09 - 10/6/09 $140 per night Began bidding for ***+ at $80, next attempt at $115, then $137. Changed to *** and should have lower my bit to $80 but didn't. :) Tax & fees $113.70 Really upset at paying $140 a night at the Holiday Inn Washington Central. It reads like a no frills with a hike to the M. Also, called to request a king bed and told I was booked for doubles in a smoking room. Needles to say, I'm not pleased with smoking room because we have allergies. Very kindly asked for non-smoking. We'll see what happens. Thanks for the site. Emily
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