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  1. Seems like a good deal, $50 first try. Could have been lower?
  2. Failed bids from $42 to $54 for 4* downtown Minneapolis using re-bid technique. $40, $42 not accepted for bloomington 3.5*, accepted at $44.
  3. Bid up to $130. Honestly I'm disappointed since this is really no different that the rates online right now for this hotel.
  4. I agree its unlikely Priceline needs your petty cash, I would be more concerned about the security of your information. Its always possible to get scammed. I would call your bank immediately and at least report so you can say you did so if you need to take recourse in the future. Corporations love to use your inaction against you. Also send priceline an e-mail as well as mailed letter asking for clarification and stating that you are keeping records and are advising your bank and possibly local authorities of the situation. Most likely it's nothing more than an innocent mistake or an obno
  5. After making 3 other bookings for $58 at the westin nova scotian around the same time, including one on the same date, priceline started rejected the same bid for 4*. Bids up to $82 for halifax 4* and 3.5* were rejected, although in both cases I was getting the 'one time offer' to increase my bid by $18, so must have been close. I went down to 3* and got accepted at $74. I wasn't paying attention to the hotels in the re-bid zones so this is in dartmouth, but fortunately in reality its right across the river from the westin so the group isn't far separated.
  6. When you bid on priceline, do you have to wait 24 hours from the last time you attempted a legitimate bid? Or does the clock reset every time you try to bid if you are trying to early? For example say you bid on a room, and its rejected because of the price. Then 20 hours later you try again, and it tells you it cannot accept the same bid so soon. Do you now have to wait another 24 hours from that point, or only 4 more hours?
  7. Just wanted to point out that this bid is linked on the calendar of wins, but in fact it was not a win.
  8. Bids of $40, $50, $60, $70 and $80 were rejected for Charlottetown zone 1 2* hotel. Anybody know what hotels priceline uses in Charlottetown? Is the same chain of hotel always the same priceline star-rating from city to city?
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