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  1. Starting with Quick Quote (top left) and using two rounds of bidding (waiting 24 hours between), I went up from $57 by $5 increments looking for 3* and this is what I got. I'm a little anxious because I've never been to a MicroTel that would qualify for 3*. Thank you for this amazing web site! The information is invaluable. Purchase date:Feb 5, 2019 Offer price:$107.00/night Number of rooms:1 room Number of nights:1 night Room subtotal:$107.00 Taxes & fees:$18.84 Total charged today:$125.84 Total charged:$125.84
  2. Used Quick Quote above. Initial offer $90 declined, with offer to bid same at $110. Made second bid at $95. Offer price:$95.00/night Number of rooms:1 room Number of nights:1 night Room subtotal:$95.00 Taxes & fees:$19.86 Total charged today:$114.86 Thank you for this great forum!
  3. Used QuickQuote PRICELINE link (above). $70 for 3* in target Zone 8 -- Declined. Priceline offered immediate rebid at $88. $75 adding re-bid zone (2.5* is highest in Z3) -- Declined $80 adding re-bid zone (2.5* highest) -- Accepted This hotel is currently offered as a PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal at $84. Offer price:$80.00/night Number of rooms:1 room Number of nights:1 night Room subtotal:$80.00 Taxes & fees:$18.53 Total charged today:$98.53 Total charged:$98.53 Thank you for this invaluable web site!
  4. Used Quick Quote to start the bidding over several days. Was shooting for the Covina area, but I think I got this as both the closest and cheapest possible. Thank you for this forum. So helpful!
  5. Used the BetterBidding Quick Quote (above) to start bidding on 3.5* in North Tempe at $49. Added West Mesa at $51, then East Mesa at $53. Then added Zone 1 (which currently has 3* as highest available) and bid $55. Offer price:$55.00/night Number of rooms:1 room Number of nights:5 nights Room subtotal:$275.00 Taxes & fees:$52.20 Total charged today:$327.20 Total charged:$327.20 Savings:You saved 49%* Thank you for this great website!
  6. Using QuickQuote (above), I started working on a 3.5* in Pineville. Bid from $55 to $74 with no luck. On a whim I used QuickQuote for a brand new bid on a 3*. I knew I was only going to have one or two shots at it, so I started at $76. Probably should have backed it down. I think this property could have been had at a lower price. It offers a Priceline Member rate as low as $84. Purchase date:Sep 18, 2017 Offer price:$76.00/night Number of rooms:3 rooms Number of nights:3 nights Room subtotal:$684.00 Taxes & fees:$147.87 Total charged:$831.87 Savings:You saved 15%*
  7. Opened PRICELINE via hotel search on BB. Could tell there was a 3* in Oxford, but wanted a hotel in Jacksonville. Bid $55 for 3* in Oxford just for grins. It was declined, and Priceline proposed an immediate rebid of $73 (without location or star level change). Left it at 3*, added Jacksonville (which I knew had no 3* to offer) and bid $65. Accepted. A little further away than we wanted, but a nice facility for the money. Might even be able to get it for less than $65. Thanks, BB, for this very helpful website!
  8. Realizing we needed a day added to our prior win (and no longer having access to the "add a day" feature), I used the QuickQuote dialogue above to place a bid for $60, and it was accepted immediately. My winning bid for Friday through Sunday was $65, so I never imagined $60 would be accepted. Guess I should have started at $50! Thank you for this web site!
  9. Using QuickQuote over the past 3 days I've been bidding for a 3.5* in Zones 3 & 7. I started at $56 and went $1 to $2 per bid (lots of zones with no hotels in the 3.5 range, so I could bid multiple times in one 24 hour period). I bid up to $80 with no success. I noticed median price for 3.5* in Zone 2 was only $97, so I dropped back to $58, adding in Zone 2. It was declined. I jumped to $65 and it was accepted (probably should have taken my time coming up from $58). Thank you for this site. It is so helpful!
  10. Used QuickQuote to start the bidding process. Backed into this one accidentally. Was dropping the star level and should have dropped the price more significantly. This is probably about an average price for this hotel. I'm familiar with it and the area. This is probably about an average price. You could probably get it for $35 depending on the dates. Thanks for this great forum!
  11. Used Price.line QuickQuote above to start my bidding, informed by others listings on this forum. Was seeking 3* in Pineville. Day 1 three bids: Pineville 3.5* $60 -- failed Pineville 3* $62 -- failed Pinceville, North Carowinds 3* $64 -- failed. Day 2 three bids: Pineville 3* $68 -- failed Pineville, North Carowinds 3* $70 -- failed Pineville, North Carowinds, Matthews 3* $72 -- won. Note this is for a large weekend conference in the Pineville area (where there are limited Price.line hotels). Otherwise, the prices would have probably been lower. This forum was immensely helpful in the bidding. Thank you for this great board and all those who participate.
  12. Used the Priceline Quickquote at the top of the page to begin bidding. Started 3* and Airport only at $33. Progressed downward to 2.5*, adding west Huntsville and Huntsville zones, getting to $36. Dropped back to just Airport, 2* and $35. Accepted. Offer Price: $35.00 Rooms: 1 Nights: 2 + Add nights for the same rate! Room Subtotal: $70.00 Taxes & Fees: $18.26 Total Charged to Card: $88.26
  13. On prior day bid $65 for 3* in Matthews. Declined. Today bid $68 for 3* in Matthews. Declined. Added Pineville and dropped to $65. From prior postings a 3* in Pineville could probably have been gotten for less, but I was anxious to get the hotel nailed down for this trip. So, I shot high. Courtyard Charlotte Ballantyne 3 star Pineville - Piper Glen - Ballantyne 15660 John J Delaney Drive, Charlotte, NC 28277 Offer Price: $65.00 Rooms: 2 Nights: 3 + Add nights for the same rate! Room Subtotal: $390.00 Taxes & Fees: $79.20 Total Charged to Card: $469.20
  14. Bid $35 for 2.5* Failed Added 2* Accepted (Yesterday I had bid from $25 to $28 all around the Huntsville area with no success). Econo Lodge Madison 2 star Huntsville Airport (HSV) 102 Arlington Drive, Madison, AL 35758 Offer Price: avg. per room, per night $35.00 Rooms: 1 Nights: 2 + Add nights for the same rate! Room Subtotal: $70.00 Taxes & Fees: $18.04 Total Charged to Card: $88.04
  15. Man, I love your forum! Having read the recent posts for the BWI area, I decided to go for the Hilton Gardens at $52. I used the PRICELINE QuickQuote above, and bid $51 for a 3.5 star (just for grins). That failed. I added 3 star and went to $52. That did it. Hilton Garden Inn Bwi Airport Baltimore - Washington Airport (BWI) 1516 Aero Drive, Linthicum, MD 21090 410-691-0500 Offer Price: $52.00 Rooms: 1 Nights: 1 + Add nights for the same rate! Room Subtotal: $52.00 Taxes & Fees: $15.51 Total Charged to Card: $67.51 Thanks again for this great service.
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