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  1. Hotel web site price for refundable room is $148, and the non-refundable Hilton Honors price comparable to the non-refundable Hotwire deal is $114, so saved about $30/night. We've been here before and like the hotel. The amenities listed by Hotwire are below, but are missing one nice feature the hotel offers, a free local shuttle around the area in a nice sedan. Used the site's HOTWIRE button to support Betterbidding. Amenities: Free parking, Free Internet, Pet friendly, Smoke-free rooms, Fitness center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business center, Self-service laundry, Internet access, Spa services, Children's activities
  2. Paid an extra $11 to upgrade from queen to king bed ($174). 2 doubles were the same upgrade price. Other Saturdays around this date are a lot more money, don't know why Sept 30 is so cheap, maybe the other dates have big events. HW said this was a Hot Rate special weekend price. We were pretty sure we'd get the Sheraton b/c one of the amenities listed on HW is a children's program, and none of the other 4*'s on BB's hotel list offer that amenity. The price on the hotel web site for that date are 1 queen $231, 2 doubles $247, 1 King $247, 1 King premium view $263. These are the amenities on HW: Amenities: Pet friendly, Smoke-free rooms, Fitness center, Restaurant(s), Business center, Self-service laundry, Internet access, Spa services, Children's activities. Used the HOTWIRE link on BB to support this site, love having you guys here. Hope BB got credit ... twice during the transfer to HW the page froze with a Firefox pop up saying the script stopped working, and asking if I wanted to try to continue, and I clicked yes, and finally got into HW.
  3. Does this hotel qualify to be added to the HW hotel list? ... when I clicked on a hotel offering, the next page offered to tell me "what hotel the last person got in this area at this star rating", and I when ahead and it said the last person got the 6 Columbus Hotel. Back on the page listing all the hotels being offered it's a "4.5* New to Hotwire Central Park South." These are the amenities: Amenities Free Internet Boutique hotel Restaurant(s) Smoke-free rooms Is this firm enough to be added to the BB hotel list, or does BB need an actual win from someone? The problem with getting this hotel for some ppl would be that the basic room has 1 queen bed, not a king or 2 doubles. 4 other Manhatten areas are also "poisoned" with at least one 4.5* with only 1 queen bed: Midtown East, Times Sq South, Times Sq North, and Grand Central North.
  4. This is the new Comfort Suites Fort Lauderdale Airport and Cruise Port, on the same block and just south of the Cambria Suites. We watched it being built when we were last at the Cambria. I guess it's the one currently listed on the BB hotel list as a 2.5*, but it's on HW as a 3*. I used the BB promo HOTWIRE link which worked, dropping it from $112 to $102, and taxes were $25 for a total of $127. HW cancellation insurance was offered for $8. HW does not list a free shuttle in the amenities, but the hotel web site does, and I called them to confirm and there is a free a/p shuttle. I booked this so far ahead b/c it's a cruise weekend which often fills up, and the price was great. The rate for this date on the hotel web site is $139 no cancellation, $149 can cancel. $10 pp shuttle to the cruise port, so about the same price as a couple taking a $20 cab. Just lately noticed that HW often tell you when you click the BOOK button "what the last person got who booked this offer", and it said the last person got this hotel, and that's what I got. Nice feature, but of course no guarantee that you will get what the last person got. But that feature is the only way we found out this hotel was now open for business, we didn't realize there was another 3* all suites hotel on HW in this area besides the Cambria (which we like). Used a HOTWIRE button on BB to support this site. HW amenities list below: Free breakfast, Free Internet, Fitness center, Pool(s), Business center, Self-service laundry
  5. Why is the Hotwire hotel list for FLL not divided between north FLL and south FLL the way the Hotwire web map does?
  6. I see the header gives the price as $62, which was the US$ rate on PL, and before I booked it I changed the currency on PL to CAN$ which then came to $80CA which I paid, plus the above taxes/fees of $20CA = total $100CA. I thought when I posted the win I gave the CAN price but maybe not.
  7. Booked this well ahead b/c the price was great and it's Valentine's Day weekend, don't know if that fills up hotels. $20 taxes/fees were added for a $100 total, and I went with PL b/c although the Hot.wire price was the same, HW's taxes/fees were $2 more. 25 % fees still makes yer eyes roll. I would have bid, but needed to know it had the shuttle before buying, which PRICELINE EXPRESS shows. Regular price for this room on the hotel web site was $149. Amenities are: Airport shuttle, Fitness center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business center, Self-service laundry, Internet access, Golf nearby, Tennis nearby Used the PRICELINE link on this board to support the site, thx staff.
  8. This win is for Panama City in Panama not Florida. The extra fees for the week came to $169. The rate on the hotel website for these dates was $179 so we were happy to get this during high season. On the booking page we notice Hotwire often says "the last person who booked this one got the XXXXX hotel", and we wondered it this was just a come-on naming a top place, but this time it said the last booker got the Waldorf and obviously so did we. We wanted the Waldorf b/c of the location but we would have been ok with any 5 star at this price as long as the location was not too big a problem. Here are the ammenities listed: Hotel Amenities Free Internet Pet friendly Fitness center Pool(s) Business center Internet access Spa services Used the HOTWIRE link on BB to support this cool site, thx staff. -Bob
  9. Booked this quite a ways out b/c it's a holiday and could get busy (full), and the HW rate for a 4* just dropped from $183 to $158, not much more than a 3.5* for 149 or 3* for $138 and $145. The rate on the hotel site is $206. Additional fees came to $38. The ammenities are: Free parking Free Internet Boutique hotel Airport shuttle Smoke-free rooms Fitness center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business center Internet access Spa services As always, used the HOTWIRE link here on BB to support the site.
  10. I went into my HW account and pulled up the booking, and yes I neglected to include the accessibility amentities: in-room accessibility, accessible bathroom, accessible parking, and roll-in shower. Looking around BB I discovered your links to affiliates, did not realize you had those, will start using the airlines links. -Bob
  11. Fees and taxes were $21 extra. We booked this so far ahead because we gotta have it pre-cruise and it's Thanksgiving weekend so hotels could fill up. We were there before and really like the hotel, and for my DW a nice walk to good shopping. The regular rate posted on the hotel website is $165. In the heat of surfing our options I forgot to return to BB and use the HOTWIRE link, and I would like to donate to such a good web site ... I recall noticing in the past that other members used PayPal to donate, is that the recommended method, and how should I do that? Hotel amenities are: (HW refers to it as a "condo" in the main heading or description of the hotel), suite, smoke-free, pool(s), self-serv laundry, free parking, a-p shuttle, restaurant(s), free internet, fitness center, business center. Thx.
  12. The amenities are: free breakfast, fitness center, self-serve laundry, a/p shuttle, restaurant(s), smoke free, business center. Room price was $66, not $67. Taxes were $14 per room. Business center had several free computers. Wifi worked fine from the room.
  13. This is the Comfort Inn on Wick Rd. at the airport. We were shocked to see this hotel name come up as a 3.5*, it's listed on BB as a 2 star and several years ago when we stayed there that rating was accurate, but when we arrived we were shocked again to see how nicely it has been refurbed, large modern room with a great bed, bathroom, carpeting, everything completely updated, so we were happy. Great free hot breakfast, free parking. Used the HOTWIRE link on BB to book as always.
  14. Hotel web site rate for this date is $139. We used Express rather than bidding so we could see the amenities, b/c we wanted a free breakfast. On PL's list of amenities an a/p shuttle was not listed, but we figured all hotels at the a/p would offer a shuttle, and sure enough it was included in the hotel web site description. This beats Hotwire's 3* offering of $115 with a shuttle but no breakfast. These are the amenities listed: Indoor or Outdoor Pool Fitness Center Free Parking Free Internet Free Breakfast Business Cente Used the [url=]PRICELINE[/url] link on BB to book it, thx staff.
  15. Yup you were right, the non-boutique hotel was the Hyatt Pier 66. We are there for the whole day at the end of a cruise and it would have also been nice to stay on the beach, but it has a free shuttle to the beach, might set aside a bit of time for that, and it's close to the Harbor Shops and the bus line up to the RIverwalk and Olas so my DW the shopper is happy with that. Used the Hotwire link on BB to book it, thx for the help staff.