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  1. Agreed, I've stayed at the Chicago Ritz-Carlton before (8 or 10 years ago) and although nice, not really sure it was worth it. The only two properties in Chicago that I would "maybe" spend that much on now would be Waldorf or Peninsula.
  2. Thanks for the tip. Do you remember seeing a Trump Hotwire listing in any other city? Edit: Per Trump's website, the cheapest room for that night is $395. So if your guess is correct, that's not much of a discount...haha
  3. Howdy! Haven't checked in for awhile and looking at downtown Chicago properties again. This listing has me really intrigued as I can't ever remember seeing a 5* listing on Hotwire, let alone in Chicago. "Hotels in the luxury 5-star rating category include: Inter-Continental and Le Meridien" Price seems way too high for Inter-Continental and there isn't a Le Meridien in Chicago (yet). Check In: 03/01/12, Check Out: 03/02/13 $336.00 plus taxes TripAdvisor 4.5 of 5 Rating According to TripAdvisor there are six 5-star hotels in Chicago (really don't know what else to go by) and they are Waldorf, Trump, Four Seasons, Peninsula, Ritz, and Park Hyatt. If I had to pick one, it would be the Park Hyatt. Anything else come to mind on this? Thanks! This Hotel features the following amenities: Indoor pool(s) Smoke Free Rooms Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center High-Speed Internet Access Spa Services
  4. On Thurs, Feb 23rd, I stayed at this property again and I have to say this property is becoming a favorite of mine. I got the room via Priceline this time and paid an really cheap rate of $55 plus tax ($71 total). I arrived an hour early and waited in line to check in. Jason D. who was working in the Gold Passport counter saw me waiting and waved me over. He was very courteous and spent much time helping me to pick out a room. Using tips from TripAdvisor, I requested a higher floor, away from the elevators. I ended up in the East Tower Room 1172 and was very pleased. My room overlooked the front of the hotel (facing Wacker) and I could see North Michigan, Wrigley Building, and Marilyn Monroe statue. I had a King size bed, nice bath products again including toothpaste, and was reasonably quiet for the hotel's size. The only real disappointment is the TV (Panasonic Plasma TH-37PR9U) which wasn't a huge deal. The reception for the local ABC/NBC affiliates was awful and nearly unwatchable with lots of interference lines going down the screen. My best comparison would be trying to watch an old TV with rabbit ears while someone in the kitchen runs the mixer on high. Another bizarre twist about the TV stations was no access to WGN (local channel). I can see the Tribune Tower from my window but it's not in the channel listings?? Lastly, there was no HDMI connections on the TV and I didn't bring any devices to see if the single VGA port was enabled. Overall, I would definitely stay there again esp. if I can snag another night for what hotels typically charge of parking in downtown Chi.
  5. Howdy! Just booked this and happy with the price... Residence Inn By Marriott Chicago Downtown Magnificent Mile North Michigan Ave - River North Area 201 East Walton Place, Chicago, IL 60611 Priceline: $126.00 + 28.38 Fees = $154.38 total Hotel website for the same night shows $249.00 plus fees for the "cheapest" room... Thanks!
  6. Just to finish this thread up, searched hotwire again tonight and the mystery no amenity listing disappeared along with just about everything else that I had been looking at all week. Decided to try Priceline for the first time ever and ended up getting Hyatt Regency Chicago for $55 plus tax. Stayed there before via Hotwire on 08/27/11 for $107 plus tax, was satisfied before, and am really happy with the Priceline price which is half what I paid last time! Will post on the Priceline board - thanks guys!
  7. Howdy, I just noticed that the last posting in the "Hotwire Hotel List - Illinois" was in 2003. Does that mean that all those amenities with properties really haven't changed that much in all that time or that updates have been made to the list and isn't reflected in the last posting date? Thanks! M
  8. I'm just accompanying someone to Midway and thinking about spending the night in Chi before heading back to Central Illinois. Not really looking for anything in particular as far as amenities but I would like to stay in either NMA or Mag (doesn't matter). If I could stay "anywhere" on a hotwire rate, I would be interested in checking out that new Hotel Palomar but I haven't found a listing that would seemingly fit that property yet. I'm also thinking about shooting a low bid to Priceline and see if I can snag a deal on the Hyatt Wacker. Stayed there before and really liked the room although the view was awful...haha
  9. Thank you for all of the suggestions. I just looked again and see what looks like the same listing, only items have changed. Price is now $95 reduced from $205 (vs. $93 down from $199) and shows 60 bookings in the last 24 hours (vs. 63 bookings in the last 24 hours). The more I look at this, the more confusing...haha
  10. Not completely sure which Renaissance Hotel you mean but the old Blackstone Hotel says no vacancies for 02/23 and Marriott "Renaissance Chicago Downtown Hotel" is available for 02/23 and cheapest room is $249 (looking at hotel websites). The mystery continues...
  11. Looked at Hotwire again this morning and the same listing is still there without any amenities. Now shows 63 bookings in last 24 hours, I don't remember if/what that line read yesterday. All links clicked and I'd just about book it just to see what property it is...haha Thanks! M
  12. Good evening, Finding a really strange posting that I don't think I've ever seen before. Looking at Feb. 23rd for one night. Hotwire lists 4* for $93 in Chicago Loop - Millenium Park - Grant Park with absolutely NO amenities listed. Is Super Savings (down from $199), no recommendation %, and 4.5 of 5 on TripAdvisor. Is this a rarity to have a listing with no amenities or have I just not noticed them before? Anyone want to take a shot in the dark of what it could be? haha Thanks guys! M
  13. Additional thoughts: Wifi is not available in the rooms and only available in the lobby. Upon trying to briefly access wifi in the lobby, it asked me for my name and room number before allowing any connection. Based upon this, I'm guessing there would be a charge. If you say that you're not a guest, it wants to charge a ridiculous amount for 24 hrs, think it was like $36... Only internet in the room was ethernet cable at the desk. Didn't have a laptop to check any further and the "welcome guide" didn't mention how much for a fee (if any) only how to operate the service (plug in cable to computer, duh). The TV in the room was a nice quality 37" Panasonic. There were several ports on the back including VGA for connectivity but I didn't check to see if they were live or disabled.
  14. Got back last night from our stay and here are my thoughts... Hotel Review Thanks! M
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