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  1. Very Good 8+ /10 Amenities: Pets Allowed Business Center Restaurant Free Internet Indoor or Outdoor Pool Fitness Center No Smoking Rooms/Facilities
  2. Won after couple of bids at 62 and 65. Tax and fees was an additional $20/day.
  3. Booked on Tue. Tried previously from $85 primarily in MTE, MTW, ESB, HK and DWTN with other areas included for more bids. Got it at $105 + $30 in tx and fees. As usual used the PRICELINE link from this site. Thanks.
  4. Booked today evening. Tried from $125 primarily in MTE, MTW, and DWTN with other areas included for more bids. Got it at $150 + $38 in tx and fees. How is this hotel? Used the PRICELINE link from this site. Thanks. Sorry the Dates were for 10/20 - 10/21.
  5. Tried from $95 to $120 no luck. They offered a rate of $149, re-bid at $130 and got it, rate was about $10 lower than HOTWIRE for 4*. Seems little high for Montreal, but figured it was the Labor Day weekend so prices would be higher. I guess if you wait closer to the dates it could go lower ... or the other way :). I used this site's links to PRICELINE.
  6. Started at $80 for 4/29 - 5/1, re-bid 3 times till $120 no luck. Changed to 4/29 - 4/30 and re-bid at $100 and got it for 1 night will find another location of 2nd night. Used the PRICELINE link from this site.
  7. Started at $60 and went up $5, 3rd time was a charm at $75. Added Denton and Lake Worth for follow-up bids but same star rating. Used PRICELINE link from this site. David
  8. Been bidding without luck for these 2 nights, appears the rates for this weekend are quite high, finally got the Doubletree in Downtown for $145 + $35 taxes & fees per night. Though was not too happy but I think this location has good access to subway so should be fine. Is there something going on this weekend in NYC that hotel prices have gone up so much? Used the the PRICELINE link from this site. Thanks.
  9. Bid $65, $70 rejected. Accepted at $75. I guess its really not in the Downtown area. Hopefully transport options are available for downtown. Used your PRICELINE link.
  10. Should have pulled the trigger. The prices went up to $150 so will need to make it another weekend. David :)
  11. Hi, Need help to ID the following hotel for - 02/26. $86 - 3.5-star hotel in Downtown Austin and Town Lake Fitness Center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business Center, High-speed Internet Access, Tennis Nearby Recommended in 80 % of Hotwire customer reviews Thanks, David
  12. Bid $45 for a 3* in Memphis (East). Got the Holiday Inn on Poplar for $45 + $11.
  13. I got the Affina Shelburne in ESB area for $120 per night ($150 total). Though it was a little higher than my budget, I think its a nice hotel. Any idea about this place? Thanks for the help!
  14. I want to try for a 3* up to my limit first and then, if rejected, maybe try for a 2.5*. Also I would like to try options other than DT first, I would prefer failing for 2.5* in other areas before trying for 3* in DT. Thanks!
  15. I did not use hotwire or priceline for this trip - was forced to book with the hotel directly due to other family/friends staying there. Please bump or delete this post. David