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  1. The most popular underground parking lot in Montreal is the Stanley St. Autoparc. Outdoor lots are cheaper but not always safe. Not sure about the location of the Delta so can't tell if Stanley St will work for you.
  2. The hotel is non smoking and all the rooms are quite nice. If you need parking, Halifax has a winter overnight parking ban which the city uses as a money grab more than anything to do with snow removal. The hotel parking is not very well enforced so you might be able to park there for free. Next door is a large supermarket and liquor store. The only negative for me is the hotel will send you a message on the phone welcoming you to the Westin which will make you have to learn their message system or you might miss a real message. This will happen every day of your stay.
  3. I am looking for nearly the same dates (Dec. 27-29) and just tried a 3star bid at $50/night which was rejected by Priceline. They did offer me a 3star for $65/night which means the $60 bid would have a good chance of being accepted. I am never in a hurry to book a room so in another 24 hours I will bid in the mid 50s. Whenever Priceline gives a counter offer, your bid is very close to the magical minumum price they will accept.
  4. I see a 3.5 star downtown Montreal hotel for $75/night from Dec.27-30. The amenities are fitness, pool,restaurant,business and internet. Any idea which hotel?
  5. I am familiar with the hotel and have a couple tips for your stay. When checking in you should ask for a "city view" room. You may not get it but the view is amazing. The hotel will upgrade you to one of the upper floors for an extra $20/night which is worth it if you can get on the right side of the hotel. The rooms are no nicer for the extra money but you get a paper at your door and two cold breakfasts/day with the upgrade.
  6. I was interested in a 2.5 star hotel for $11/night. Thought I would post this so nobody would get fooled by the added fees but the 2.5 star bunk bed is an added bonus. Surprized these web sites would get involved with whatever is going on here and hoped you guys would have some idea what this is all about
  7. The dates are pretty much any Sunday-Wednesday in August. I think the original dates were Aug 10-11 but I found the so called deal on other days in August.
  8. Just got an email from Hotwire for a 2.5 star hotel in Montreal fot $11/night through their partner Hotels.com. When trying to book, I realized the taxes and fees were over $100/night. Doesn't look like a great deal any more.
  9. A couple of days ago I booked the Hyatt using the betterbidding PRICELINE link after seeing a previous poster reporting the same deal. Started with $68 and then went up to $71 which PRICELINE accepted.
  10. I just got the Hyatt yesterday for $71 per night from 7/31-8/03 on PRICELINE. HOTWIRE must be able to do better than $105.
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