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  1. Looking at bidding on a hotel in the panama city beach, florida area. Specifically the (south area). For the dates of 8/04-8/05. It has a 3 star hotel but only ammenities it shows is indoor/outdoor pool. When I went through all the 3 star hotels in PCB the only 3 star hotel in the south area is Holiday Inn Resort. I would love to stay here but the ammenities dont add up. I was wondering if sometimes they dont show all the ammenities so you cant figure out which hotel it is. Anye help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Robert
  2. Thanks for the reply. After reading about this oil spill we may be cancelling the trip. I will update the thread later.
  3. We are looking for a place in Orange Beach, AL July 15-19. There are no former bids or info on this site in regards to this area. I narrowed the orange beach area down on priceline and it has 6 hotels showing. I am going to assume if I bid I will get one of these hotels. The range is from 1 star to 3 star. Whats funny is the 1 star looks to be condos and look to be really nice. Not sure why it is listed as a 1 star? Name is (Escapes to The Shore). Trying to keep my max bid around $100 a night. Would love to get something for $80 a night. Any suggestions on how to find out what hotels I will be bidding on?
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    I did as you asked.
  5. ended up just buying a hotel room and flight using PRICELINE. I bought 2 round trip plane tickets and 4 nights at Best Western Airport Inn for a sum total of $755.40 I am pretty pleased with my purchase.
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    I am wanting to rent a car via HOTWIRE. Any suggestions or warning before doing so?
  7. Well I have been doing alot of research. If I book a flight, hotel, and car rental all together hotwire seems the best way to go. The latest flight I found leaves out at 705pm, however my seminar is not over until 6pm and I have to stay to receive completion and certification. I dont see how I can get to the airport and drop off my rental car in time to get to my flight. I mean I know it is a possability but I dont want to take that risk since I can not reschedule the flight correct??? So I would probably just stay an extra night and get an early am flight out of PVD to get to work ontime. So my new questions are: When you book via HOTWIRE or PRICELINE and you miss your flight you are just out of luck and have to pay for another ticket correct? The second question is it seemed like I got a really good deal on hotwire when I book the car rental, hotel, and flight it was running around $500 total that is for 3 nights hotel, 4 day car rental, and roundtrip airfare. Thanks again for the assistance.
  8. 11/05 - 11/08 Only problem with leaving 11/08 is that I have to stay at the seminar until 6PM and when you bid on flights they just give you whatever time. So 11/09 is also a possability. If I did this I better get a dirt cheap ticket. Right now I can get my exact times and leave out 11/08 for $258 tax and all. Thanks Robert
  9. Below is the address in which I will be attending a seminar for several days. I need a hotel with in walking distance to it (1-2 miles) I was wondering what I would probably win if I did PRICELINE and bid in the areas of Coventry West Warwick or Cranston - Warwick - Providence Airport Poliquin Strength Institute, 42 Ladd St., East Greenwich, RI 02818 Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  10. Date of stay was 7/10-7/13/09 Prices were running around $180 on most websites for the Marriott Bay Resort. We bid on a 3.5 star hotel and ended up winning this one. I bid over a 4 day period. First day 70, 2nd 75, 3rd 80, and then finally won $90 a night. With taxes and all it came to a total of around $100 night. They also didnt have a king size bed which we had requested so they kindly upgraded us to a suite. It was a nice hotel and we both enjoyed our stay.
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