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  1. Great stuff. I appreciate all the information. I have tried bidding (about 2 weeks ago) and started in the $70s and worked my way up to the $80s. Honestly the 4 star stays are ideal, but if I continue to lose bids and do not see a downward trend in price, I will open up to a 3.5 star. Like you said, time is on my side. You all have been quick to respond and I will certainly attempt to book through the PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links on your site!
  2. Well, I'd like to book a 4 star hotel for under $90 a night. This seems feasible in light of the winning bids that have posted. Plus, my understanding is that by September the major tourist season has wound down, and there should be more availability/lower demand. I would like to stay in USE, USW, or Embarcadero. Thanks.
  3. Hi- I am looking to stay in San Francisco 9/12-9/17. I've noticed very few winning bids are longer than 3 days. Is it possible to get a good deal/winning bid for a stay of 5 days or more? Or should I abort that strategy and try a separate three night stay and a two night stay? All comments appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Hi- I'm looking to stay in downtown San Francisco 9/12-9/17. Viewing the SF board, I see very little stays for that long. In fact, one person who just posted was looking for a five night stay, and seemed to settle for a three night. Is it possible to get a winning bid/good deal for a five night stay? Should I try two different bids, one for 3 nights, and one for 2 nights? All comments/experiences appreciated. Thank you!
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