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  1. so i'm in Paris thanks for betterbidding PRICELINE links 09/17 - 09/22 and needed another two days, had been trying for almost two weeks and my frustration got the better of me. whilst happy with the win, am confident ive overpaid but anyway it's all part of the gambling fun when using betterbidding PRICELINE links! fyi - i had been bidding throughout the zone between 165 & 185 and constantly knocked back... decided to bite the bullet and upped it to 190 when i won.
  2. Tried bids of $141/$147/153/159 over the past 5 days, final bid today of $163 accepted via betterbidding's PRICELINE links. Direct off hotel's website is $310/night, happy with $163, express deal that met hotel criteria was $178. Hotel seems to be review okay - will see how it is come september. cheers
  3. Bid $182 knocked back.... closed window and reopened using betterbidding PRICELINE link - i rebid but for some reason it didnt ask me to change zones/dates/stars .. i entered $199 and won straight away. priceline price $287 jw marriott website direct $276 (€204) not a bad price for french riviera in summer
  4. Unfortunately it's also no longer showing me either. The other 194 property is though, any ideas of what it may be?
  5. Yep, arrival sept 7 and departing sept 14... I cant see the $194 offering which is a shame as that is more within the budget i had in mind
  6. Sorry I'm not sure where the Pet Friendly came from... i think that may be the confusion... just to clarify again; 4* Champs Elysees / Arc De Triomphe Guest rating of 8.0 or higher "Guest Favourite" Free Internet Choice of beds $238
  7. Hi Team, Hoping you can assist please with Priceline Express Deal, appears to be a great offer: 4* Champs Elysees / Arc De Triomphe Guest rating of 8.0 or higher "Guest Favourite" Pet Friendly Free Internet Choice of beds $238 Really appreciate your help! Thanks Dave
  8. exceptional thread guys, thank you and I can also confirm the above code works like a charm too! thank you!!
  9. Got a quick layover at LAX early January and thought I'd book some accommodation, not real fussed by amenities etc. Tried 4* - $77 won first time.... happy with the hotel but can't help but think I've over bidded! good luck and of course, always use the PRICELINE links!
  10. I just had a look at this as I'll be arriving on a Friday into EWR - $19.99 base but the taxes are $14 plus $29 CDW/LDW etc... it does however come with unlimited milage. getting a cab is probably easier.
  11. Just an update, I got a bit carried away and amateurishly became emotional where I just wanted to win.... anyway I ended up with the 4* Shoreham Hotel in Midtown West (55th & 6th) - bit disappointed but given the time of year I probably didn't have much choice.
  12. yeah i think i'll just keep battling along maybe 12/28 until 1/02 and split into 01/02 until 01/04.... i only wanted to spend a max $330 if I were in TS/MTW (based on retail) ... i think i'll just keep trying but have a flexible booking as a safety net.
  13. So I'm heading to Manhattan and wish to be in Times Square, Midtown West or Central Park South districts.... what are your thoughts on Priceline for this time period, impossible or are there any secrets? I've tried a number of bids so far, differing dates and splitting the stay, have even tried 2.5* and still no avail (I know it's a far period ahead of me but given it's peak season I thought it made sense). Have tried up to $330 + 10 bonus cash 4* and $175 + 10 for 2.5* and nothing. The calendar of wins for last year didn't give me too much confidence either (only a handful of wins over this period). Should I potentially look at Hotwire instead or just suck it up and pony up the cash for a retail raping from our hotel friends?
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