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  1. Booked it using the HOTWIRE link Le Pavillion Hotel $75 4/2-4-4 Put in 2 adults, and the price was much cheaper than, adding one child! Hope they can accomidate one teenager added to that.
  2. $75 4.5 stars downtown new orleans amenities, pool, restaurant, fitness, business, internet any ideas? Any past reviews of the place? judging by the list it could be Le Pavillion. Does anyone know how they've treated past HOTWIRE guests?
  3. Update: Used the HOTWIRE link and bought the hotel for 2 nights instead of 4, to see what hotel i'd get. Won the hotel was the Intercontinental, but now i have two days and I would like the same hotel, but a hotel with the same amenities and 80% customer satisfaction shows up instead, and this is probably a different place :) A new hotel shows up if i take out kids for the dates 4/2-4/4 1 teenager going. $75 4.5 stars downtown new orleans amenities, pool, restaurant, fitness, business, internet any ideas?
  4. The one hotel I am considering is a 4* in downtown NOLA with amenities Fitness Restaurant Pool Business High Speed Internet Access 90% positive reviews 3.5/5 trip advisor $65 Hope its the intercontinental, not the sheraton, what do you guys think? Will book through HOTWIRE link.
  5. Unbelievable hotel... Booked on Hotwire.com for $65 plus tax. Arrived and paid the 20 dollars for self parking. Then proceeded to go to checkin, and the front desk manager, checked us in, and was very friendly, telling us about the area and about the hotel, always with a smile on his face. No mention of Hotwire. Went up to the room on the tenth floor and to my surprise, we received an ultra clean room, with a view of the city. Inside we noticed the T.V. wasn't working, and with a quick call down to the front desk a technician was in our room in 5 minutes. Fixed the T.V. fast which was great because we wanted to watch the Phillies game. Came back at night after dinner watched the game, and enjoyed the most comfortable sleep i had in a while, what a great bed. Woke up, used the great shower, noticed they had delievered the papers to us, and had complimentary coffee in the lobby. Overall great stay, one of the stays i have endured. A few Negatives 1. Tv's are pretty slow, they are hdtv's and the channels are in hd, but it goes slow and you have to click the buttons hard and many times. The reaction is slow 2. No free wi-fi period. I thought in the lobby they would have free wi-fi but I guess not.
  6. Checked around hotwire and priceline, could not find a better deal than this. Had amenities- Restaurant, Pool, Fitness, Hi-Speed Internet, Laundry Total with Tax 80.18 Made sure to use the HOTWIRE link in Thereuare's signature Thank you for your help!
  7. This is straight from my trip advisor review for the most part. After staying at the Intercontinetal Suites in Cleveland, and visiting the rock and roll hall of fame, we checked into the hotel. From the hall of fame you could actually see the hotel so it was probably the closest hotel to the hall of fame. At the check in we were welcomed nicely given 3 warm chocolate cookies(2 travellers) The halls weren't very nice and the elevator wasn't great but it was all fine, that wasn't important to us. We opened the door and found a very modern and nice room. The Sweet Dreams beds are great, and to our surprise a 32 inch HDTV in the room. It had 80 channels but no HD channels. There were 1 or 2 chairs in the room which was nice. The room itself was good if not better then Intercontinental Suites Cleveland Clinic. When I went into the bathroom it was also modern and decently nice, but I noticed that there were hairs everywhere, so it must not have been cleaned well. That was the only bad part of the rooms. At night we took the shuttle to the Indians game which worked out well. But on our way home the shuttle took 30 minutes to come get us, which was a bit much, we called 5-10 minutes in advance and the stadium is a 5 minute ride. We got back and enjoyed a pretty good sleep with almost no noise, until we were awoken at 2 am where a party was going on across the hall. At one point my dad swore he heard someone say "You can't have 20 people in a room" The noise stopped shortly after and we slept well. We didn't get to use any of the filicities because it was only a one night stay. We checked out and I asked for more cookies and they gave us a bunch! Overall good stay here, watch for hotwire.com they usually put their hotel on it and we got it for $54 or 68 with taxes and fees. . Another note, we got free parking in the meters in the hotel, no need to pay $16 parking since it's a good neighborhood.
  8. Yep for weeks i was trying to bid the same time slot as you roughly 7/17-19 and eventually i won with $80 3.5+ and got the intercontinental suites near the clinic in a bad location but i guess it must be a busy weekend. if you look in the recent wins, everybody has been getting hyatt regency for under 50.
  9. Fitness, Pool, Business, Restaurant, Laundry, Internet.
  10. Decided not to extend my stay on priceline for the intercontinental suites Cleveland Clinic, and decided to save some money Used the link found in thereuare's signature to complete my purchase. Overall I'm happy with this, although if a hotel with a better location had come up on priceline I probably wouldn'tve pulled the trigger. Thank you
  11. One last question fees are pretty bad 20 bucks added on to the 80, Are pricelines higher than hotwire, I may end up switching to doubletree the second day.
  12. Used the PRICELINE link of this website, and decided to try to do a 1 nite and extend my stay. Unluckily it seemed no hotels were available, and I finally went up to 80, hoping to get the Hyatt, Renaissance, or Marriot but ended up with the Cleveland Clinic Intercontinental, which is not a very good location, and was not a huge price deduction (maybe 20 dollars off) Thats what I get for greed for not booking the $54 HOTWIRE doubletree hotel with a better location. Are there any reviews of this hotel, anyone have any info on this? Anyway, Thanks for this site and thanks for helping me out. I'm sorry If i wasn't supposed to make a new topic, but this is PRICELINE, and my other is under HOTWIRE. :) 2 Questions, would you reccomend extending the stay? If I extend the stay will i get charged 40 bucks in service fees, if one night was 20, or will it combine and only be around 35?
  13. edit thought this was a guarantee but rejected again... Will probably end up with Doubletree but i will keep trying.
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