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  1. Softball travel season again!! Hotwire Description 4-star hotel in Princeton - Lawrenceville This hotel features the following amenities: Fitness Center, Pool, Restaurant(s), Business Center, High-speed Internet Access, Tennis Nearby Received the Hyatt Regency Princeton 102 Carnegie Center, Princeton, NJ, 08540 (609) 987-1234 for $68.00 per night with travel dates of 6/25 - 27/2010 Booked through the HOTWIRE link on this site!
  2. Both this hotel that we won for $39.00 and the NYLO which two of our friends won for the same date of July 17, 2009 for $39.00 were beautiful locations! We had hoped to have all stayed at the same location, but since she booked two rooms at once, it might have bounced her over to the NYLO. I had read the reviews on the NYLO and it seemed as though people had one extreme or the other on this hotel. I will say that it is a hotel above a night club and that seems to be why the reviews go one way or the other. The rooms are beautiful and the decor is very unique with throw rugs on polished cement. It was a very cool experience for us! The other thing to note about the NYLO is that it only has King sized beds with a small sofa for 1 child or two twin beds and no sofa. With Priceline bidding, they will only guarantee you accommodations for two adults, so if traveling with 2 children, this would not be an ideal situation.
  3. Here's the information on the Courtyard in Fitchburg! Amenities: Fitness Center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Laundry Facilities Courtyard Fitchburg 150 Royal Plaza Drive, Fitchburg, MA, 01420 (978) 342-7100
  4. So, we began our search on Betterbidding to find out what hotel we would get in Fitchburg, MA. I guess no one has stayed there before? as there wasn't any info in the forums or on the list. Therefore, instead of paying the Hotwire price of $104, we decided to use another location where we would have a better idea of what hotel we would be getting. We chose the $44.00 2.5* in Andover and was awarded the Comfort Suites! Unfortunatley, once we got there, we were told they were overbooked and needed to call Hotwire. They answered their phones very promptly and researched the situation quickly. Typically I guess the hotel will put you up in one of their sister hotels, but it sounded like Comfort Suites wasn't able to work with them. Hotwire then told us that they would upgrade us to a 3* and pay the difference. Since we had researched Fitchburg originally, we knew there was a nice unknown hotel there and asked if we could switch locations which they promptly agreed to! So we now know the name of the hotel in Fitchburg, MA. It's the Courtyard by Marriott! And not just is this place a hotel, but it has a hugh indoor/outdoor water park! The rooms were well appointed and large, though I think they need to get better housekeeping as the bathrooms could have used a sweeping or vacuum to erase signs of others. If you're looking for a great place with the kids, this is it! I believe you have to purchase the water park tickets separate. If you have a problem with many children in the lobby on their way to the water park, then this isn't a place for you. Definitely kid friendly! We had a great stay here and really enjoyed the service we got from Hotwire to resolve the problem we had begun with! Fitchburg only has one hotel listing on Hotwire, so now we know who it is! We used the HOTWIRE link here for the original booking into the Comfort Suites in Andover, MA and have posted the information under that heading here. I love this site and only hope that anyone who uses betterbidding will come back after their win to give updates so that we have a world full of updated information to make better bidding decisions!
  5. We had a great experience in using this site and HOTWIRE link AGAIN! While in the area we decided to spend another night somewhere nearby. Using the information provided in the lists, we had chosen a 2.5* hotel in Andover-Tewsbury for $44.00. We looked at the amenities and saw that it was an All Suites Hotel along with No Smoking Room, Comp Breakfast, Swimming Pool, Business Center, Laundry, Tennis Nearby and Kitchenettes. Looking at the list on this site, we assumed we were getting the Staybridge Suites. We got the Comfort Suites! They need to be added to the list here! Unfotunately when we arrived we were told that the hotel was booked solid and they could not honor our reservation. As we really didn't need to stay in that particular area, we weren't upset as we were sure that hotwire would take care of us. Not only did they quickly answer the phone, but they also quickly upgraded us to a 3* hotel in another area that we were interested in stay at, paying the difference of $64.00! I'll post about that hotel under Fitchburg, MA. I have the whole weekend hotel experience written about at my blog at www.keepingthemoney.com. The article is under a new category tab of mine called Betterbidding as we have had so much success with this site and these PRICELINE / HOTWIRE links.
  6. Just got back from our weekend away. The Hilton Garden Inn that we won was absolutely beautiful! We had also talked to our friends right after the win who were going there for the softball tournament also and we told them about our success with this site and the deal we got. They booked two rooms through the PRICELINE link here also and for $39.00 received the NYLO Hotel in Warwick. Their hotel was absolutely beautiful also! We can't believe the deals we got as this was a big state softball tournament and the hotels were booked. Unfortunately we didn't get in touch with the rest of the team before they left so they ended up 1/2 mile down the street at the Holiday Inn Express paying $119.00/night. Their pool was a kiddie pool so everyone gathered at our location for a nice indoor swim! I have blogged about this whole experience and the Saturday night experience at www.keepingthemoney.com. The actual article can be found on the category tab called Betterbidding. There's more to this story and will post our Saturday night experience with your site and Hotwire under Massachusetts next!
  7. Thanks to this site, I only entered the bid once and it was accepted first time!! I bid through this site's PRICELINE link and chose the Cranston/Warwick area, three star and put in a bid for $39.00. The only strange thing I noticed is that the taxes and service fees were a little higher than anticipated. I already had booked a hotel for the weekend through Choice Hotels and after the rate they showed taxes for $12.74 for the two day stay. The taxes/service fees were the same for a 1 night stay through priceline! I guess that's how they make their money, but if I had bid only $5.00 higher, this would have cost the same as the hotel I had booked previously. If I wasn't sure about staying there this weekend, then I would have chosen the other hotel as there is a cancellation policy. So for $39.00 plus $12.47, I received: Hilt Garden Inn Cranston - Warwick - Providence Airport (PVD) 1 Thurber Street Warwick, Rhode Island 02886 401-734-9600
  8. Can anyone help me identify a 2.5* hotel in Warwick, RI? Unfortunately the list here only shows 3* hotels. Amenties are Airport Shuttle, Comp. breakfast and high speed internet. Though the list includes Holiday Inn Express, AmeriSuites, Country Inn and Suites, this sounds more like a Comfort Inn with so little amenities. Thanks!
  9. When I first looked and booked the room, there was only a two star hotel for Lawrenceville listed on the Hotwire list. This is why the assumption was made that it would be the Homewood Suites. When I went back two days ago, I see there was another poster that was disappointed also for the same reason and re-checking the list I found that Comfort Inn had been added. :) I love the site, but just had expected it to have a better updated list. I understand this is where there is a need for more followers and posters, so I blogged about your site on my blog. Keepingthemoney.com. I hope this helps to bring more users so we can have more updated information! The amenities for this hotel were Comp. Breakfast, Fitness Center, High-speed Internet Access. The property was nice and acceptable! Looking forward to having your site used my many more travelers so that we don't get the occasional surprise when we didn't expect there to be one!
  10. I went with previously posted information and bid on the 2* hoping to get the Homewood Suites also. I agree with the previous poster. This should be on the list as I got the Comfort Inn ($54) also and the way that the list is constructed for Lawrenceville the Homewood Suites was the only that fit into the category when bidding on a 2*. It's too bad as this was my first experience with bidding and it appeared like a sure bet. Hopefully by posting this information, someone else won't be as disappointed! :)
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