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  1. I guess I should have started lower. Based on previous posts in the forum, I decided on 57 and it was accepted first try.
  2. Err, my topic got cut off. It was $120 and Sept. 17-18. I tried 4 star and 3.5 star from 80 up. My attempt at 110 was unsuccessful. I did use the PRICELINE link from the top of the forum.
  3. thanks! Used the PRICELINE link and the rebidding advice in this priceline hotel win thread. I tried both Georgetown Foggy Bottom and Dupont Circle up to 170, before trying White House - Downtown.
  4. Oh, I see it now. Thx! It was "Research Triangle Park." No idea where I got executive. Oh well.
  5. used your link! Tried 40 for just the RDU area, rejected, so added I think it was called executive park or something and tried 45
  6. I used the PRICELINE link! Thanks to the previous poster for bid suggestion.
  7. Thanks for the great information on this board. I did use the PRICELINE link at the top of my forum to make my bid. Because of the information posted here, I did not try a lower bid since I was so short on time.
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