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  1. List from emailed win confirmation Free parking, Free Internet, Smoke-free rooms, Pool(s), Business center, Self-service laundry, Internet access, Kitchenette 1 room(s) (1 queen and 1 sofa bed)
  2. I used the HOTWIRE link from this site. Boutique hotel Restaurant(s) Business center Internet access Accessible for hearing impaired Roll-in shower
  3. I understand. I wanted to report the change to the board. Previously, as recently as my last search there in December, I think, Naperville was considered Chicago.
  4. (FYI) Hi, I've used this site and Hotwire many times for Chicagoland hotels. Though I generally stay downtown, I always check out what is available in Naperville/Lisle since I used to live there and Oak Brook because parking is so easy & it's a simple drive into the city. I am searching for April 3 (which I already reported to the board) and April 4 or 4/5. I noticed that Naperville/Lisle area comes up "dark" on the hotwire map, meaning there are no hotels in my star rating (4 or 5). But just last night I saw 3 nice hotels in that zone. So I typed in Naperville as the city, and voila there were all the choices again with Naperville/Lisle showing as "green", as well as the 4.5 for Naperville (probably Arista). Check it out...
  5. I used the HOTWIRE link from betterbidding.com. I am very please with this win, and it is what I anticipated. From my hotwire account win: Amenities Free parking Free Internet Indoor pool(s) Fitness center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business center Internet access Golf nearby Accessibility Accessible for visually impaired Accessible for hearing impaired Accessible path of travel In-room accessibility Accessible bathroom Accessible parking Roll-in shower
  6. Free parking, Free breakfast, Free Internet, Pet friendly, Smoke-free rooms, Fitness center, Pool(s), Business center, Self-service laundry, Internet access, Golf nearby, Kitchenette, Accessible for visually impaired, Accessible for hearing impaired, Accessible path of travel, In-room accessibility, Accessible bathroom, Accessible parking. Posting this for my friend traveling with me. Amenities are from her win email. I do not have access to those listed in her account.
  7. Yes, I had read that before and forgot about it. I use HOTWIRE several times a year and the %off is generally more "spot on". They would have to include the Peninsula and other high end properties (possibly in the system but not yet reported) to get that rate in that class. But I am happy with the quality, price and location - and Hotwire and better bidding, of course!!
  8. It was the Intercontinental. Large room sizes (minimum 425 sf), which is great for traveling with kids. I knew the options of what I could get, but I think Hotwire was stretching it - by a long shot - saying these rooms were regularly $605 and 67% off. The rack rate doesn't even go over $300 at the Intercontinental, and published rates are $245. So this is not a "deal", yet I am happy with the purchase and happy to have this portion of the trip taken care of. Thanks for help id'ing!!!
  9. Hi, I clicked the Hotwire and Priceline links as well as the bidding helper to get full amenities. (But then I closed the tab by accident and reopened.) Beverly Hills, CA April 23-25, 2016 2 adults, 1 child age 3 5* $199/nt (regular $605) (taces and fees just under $50/nt) full amenities- pet friendly, fitness center, pool, restaurant, biz center, internet access, golf nearby, tennis nearby, accessible for visually impaired, accessible for hearing impaired, accessible path of travel, in room accessibility, accessible bathroom, accessible parking, roll in shower Any idea which hotel this could be? Thanks in advance!! John and Tami
  10. I used the hotwire and PRICELINE links at the top of the page over the course of a few weeks worth of research for hotels on this trip. Amenities listed (in bidding helper, at the checkout before you check out, & after winning) are: -free parking, free breakfast, free internet, near beach, indoor pool(s), smoke-free rooms, fitness center, pool(s), self-service laundry, internet access (FYI, this hotel has a water park)
  11. Hi, I began my search by clicking the Hotwire and Priceline links at the top of the page. For this trip I am beginning with the 5* properties & would love help trying to ID them, please. The bidding helper full amenities listed and other details are: 1. 2 people, Sept 18-20, Mag Mile - Water Tower, $324, 5* free internet, pet friendly, smoke free rooms, fitness center, pool, restaurant, biz center, internet access, tennis nearby, spa 2. 2 people, Sept 18-20, Mag Mile - River north, $319, 5* free internet, indoor pool, fitness center, pool, restaurant, biz center, internet access, spa Thanks a bunch!
  12. Amenity list kept changing, including one all inclusive list of 40+ items which said snow activities. Here is one list; pool, non-smoking, gym, restaurant, handicap accessible, business center Before using PRICELINE EXPRESS I tried 3.5* on PRICELINE up to $148, areas Mt P/IOP and Ashley River area. A note to bidders: the area of Mt P - IOP is a very, very large area. You could get 3 minutes from downtown Charleston or 30-45+ minutes, or more in beach traffic. I know the area and any place would have worked for my purposes this trip. This is a location right where interstate 526 ends, so it is easy to get out of town to the North (towards Myrtle Beach along Hwy 17) or West (Columbia, I-95). I used the BiddingHelper.com link from this site as well as the PRICELINE link form this site.
  13. First of all thank you for the help. I decided to check out priceline and then priceline express options. Since I wanted the Shoreham (or any property close to the Warwick which I could guess "relatively well") and there was a decent "match" in the priceline express reported wins, I decided to take a chance. Second, to clarify the price... the price for a hotel room was $270, but they offered a one bedroom suite (which I knew the Shoreham had) for $313. So the $313 price is for the one bedroom suite. The amenities are the same as in your list: pets allowed, biz ctr, restaurant. I am thrilled to report and confirm this win. It is a half block from where my parents are staying at the Warwick.
  14. I am trying to get as close to the warwick as possible, so my goal is to choose the property which most likely is the best guess: I clicked both links and got the amenities from the bidding helper (and prices are from the bidding helper, too) dec 12-14 Midtown central 3* $247 biz ctr, internet access, accessible for deaf, accessible path travel, inroom accessibility, bathroom accessibility, roll in shower 3.5* $274 pet friendly, boutique, fitness, restaurant, biz ctr, self serve laundry, internet access, spa 4.5* $367 free internet, fitness,restaurant, internet access Midtown east 3.5* $253 free internet, smoke free rooms, fitness, restaurant, biz ctr, self serve laundry, internet access 4* $295 pet friendly, boutique, fitness, restaurant, biz ctr, self serve laundry, internet access, spa Any ideas?? Thanks as always!!
  15. Closing this out. We booked direct with The Drake because that is where our friends are staying. We did the drive in special (60% off valet), executive level, $329. I would have done things differently (I think we could have had the trump for the same price on hotwire right now), but I am very happy to stay at the same property and floor as our friends who have never been to Chicago. Solid, iconic (Hilton) hotel.
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